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High demand for wedding locations after pandemic postponements


GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – The 2021 wedding season is in full swing. Couples who had to cancel or postpone their weddings during the pandemic play a big role in a post-pandemic wedding rush across the country. Local venues, vendors, and others in the wedding industry are finding that demand is extremely high.

As the restrictions on large gatherings have eased, the number of couples going to the altar continues to increase. And since weddings can finally take place, couples want to celebrate with larger groups.

Renard’s Catering Company in Green Bay says it is very close to record numbers with around 7 to 15 weddings per weekend. Renard’s says it has well over 100 people hosting events but has had to hire additional staff to handle this busy wedding season. Meat and food prices have risen since the pandemic, but Renard’s says their customers understood the high prices very well. With multiple vendors, Renard’s has a wide variety of food and products to choose from so they didn’t have any delivery problems.

“There were a few different vendors and caterers who didn’t survive COVID, which is very unfortunate. Aside from those late weddings, our normal wedding season and the fact that fewer caterers are available in the area to cater for these weddings, this huge boom is playing an absolutely huge role, ”said Oli Menke, Renard’s Event Coordinator.

Mulberry Farm in Hilbert says a tremendous number of couples booked their wedding venue after many held back until COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed. The non-traditional venue hosts one wedding per weekend with a capacity limit of 250 people. This year, most of their weddings are fully booked into September.

“We are fully booked for what we have open in the future, it was a record year, 2022 will look the same. Since we limit the number of weddings from mid-May to mid-September, we book quickly, ”said Bonnie Keyes, owner of Mulberry Lane Farm.

According to Mulberry Lane Farm, due to the high demand due to the number of wedding requests received, bookings will be postponed in 2022 and early 2023.

“But we find that they are still smaller than they were before COVID-19, before 200-250 guests were the norm.

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