Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, has rediscovered the Photo Booth app on her computer and is enjoying it for her fans.

Hailey Baldwin is very popular on Instagram. And Justin Bieber’s wife posted a nostalgic Photo on Monday April 19th.


Hailey Baldwin has a busy life. Between her modeling and her relationship with Justin Bieber, she has has no time to rest.

Indeed, the pretty blonde is one today significant impact on the web. She loves to share her beauty and fashion tips.

Between makeup tutorials, the latest fashion trends or even outfit ideas … The bomb goes to the heart spoil his community!

She even opened her YouTube channel under the name Hailey Rhode Bieber. And it’s a box!

The Hadid sisters’ best friend wants through her videos reveal their private life to their followers. And show you a little more about her everyday life with Justin Bieber and her friends.

His “Who’s In My Bathroom?” Video with Kendall Jenner got 10 million views in a month. But the pretty blonde also shares videos from her travels, but also about their sanity.

A topic that touched her as she is a victim of anxiety and insomnia. Thanks to social media, Justin Bieber’s wife can finally express herself with an open heart.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are always at the forefront of fashion. Indeed, the couple loves to follow the trends of the moment.

Like this weekend at the wedding of Justin Bieber’s producer Harv. He and Hailey Bieber took a picture under the porch of their house in a very classy outfit.

The singer wore a satin royal blue suit. While his wife made up her mind a beautiful black dress form-fitting.

And the photo posted on the singer’s Instagram account caused a stir! But after that celebrate a wild weekend, the pretty one Blonde decided to take a break.

And this time she posted a completely different photo. So Hailey Bieber revealed himself for a very special photo, of course.

Indeed, Justin has rediscovered Bieber’s girlfriend the PhotoBooth app on your MacBook. And so she took the opportunity to inform her community.

The model poses in front of the camera little pink hearts above her head. Kendall Jenner’s best friend wrote in the headline, “I almost forgot about Photo Booth.”

Many stars responded in the comments. Like actress Ruby Rose, who wrote: “How ?! How are you? Check if you are cute before a meeting on Zoom? »

One thing is for sure, Justin Bieber’s sweetheart did her small impact on Instagram.


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