Earlier this week, Google’s developer mascot teased a “special surprise” on I / O on Twitter. The company announced this morning that it will be running a Google I / O Photo Booth that will feature virtual selfies with Dash, Sparky, Dino and Android can be included.

Update 5/17: As annoyed last week, photobooth.flutter.dev will be available tomorrow before I / O 2021. You first choose which of the four mascots with the ability to change size and inclination should be displayed. A range of props are then available from the Pixel 5 to the Pixelbook and even Google Glass. There are also hats, other colors, foods, and product logos. The final step is to download or share on Twitter and Facebook.

Original 5/14: Dash (Flutter), Sparky (Firebase), Dino (Chrome) and Android (Jetpack variant) took part in a fun video on Tuesday in which they come together after an I / O spotlight. They gathered in front of a “top secret” box when Google teased, “To be continued …” Our personal guess was that there would be a new developer mascot.

On the Friday before the developer conference, the video continued with the four characters activating a [Google Play] – ha! – Console, complete with the T-Rex who has a hard time pushing his button before deciding to use his tail.

It turned out that the surprise is a Google I / O Photo Booth that allows you to take an “epic selfie” with all of the mascots. This will likely come in the form of a mobile app or website, with Google sharing how it’s done with Flutter and Firebase. It’s going to be available next week and is a replacement for not being able to snap a photo in front of the huge sign at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View.

In the meantime, Google also announced that Olympic champion Simone Biles will have a special guest appearance at the keynote. An enclosed clip shows how she takes photos with a Pixel phone today.

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