HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Savannah Rodriguez said she had moved from planning her wedding to trying to track down her refund.

She said she got engaged earlier this year and booked her big day at the Villa Bella Event Center in northwest Harris County. The wedding was scheduled for 2021.

However, Rodriguez said the venue recently informed her that the center had closed and she was unable to get her nearly $ 700 deposit back.

“I’ve been trying to do everything I can just to get some answers, like why, why did you do that?” She said.

Rodriguez said the venue gave her nothing but the detour after they emailed her the location was closed. However, they also said they would issue a refund to anyone.

Even so, she said she had contacted several times and had not heard from the venue in over a week.

KPRC 2 also called the venue and contacted the email listed on its website several times with no response.


“I honestly gave them time to call me back. At least write me a text message. Just to do something, to know that they did something wrong and to get it right, “Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said she has since found another place to hold her wedding. But at a higher cost and without her reimbursement, she added that the whole process was difficult.

“I’m trying to see, sorry, I’m trying to see how I’m going to pay for everything now. It’s really hard, ”she said.

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