It’s supposed to be the biggest day of anyone’s life, but wedding venues say the ongoing uncertainty about the planned unlock on Jan.

Ministers always said June 21 was not set in stone – and could be affected by changes in the pandemic, including the emergence of new variants.

But many people – including the wedding and events industries – long desperately to get back to normal.

Ian Evans, owner of Copdock Hall, said the uncertainty about whether Freedom Day will happen “creates fear” for both his independent company and his newlyweds.

“It creates so much uncertainty and excitement,” he said.

“It’s unfair to us, the newlyweds and all the suppliers like the DJs and the florists, because we just can’t plan ahead.

Ian and Diane Evans said the ongoing uncertainty about June 21 was “disruptive” to both their business and the newlyweds.
– Photo credit: Daniel Jones /[email protected]

“Boris Johnson promised Freedom Day on June 21st, so that’s very disruptive.”

In the roadmap for step four, which should take place on June 21 at the earliest, the government hopes to be able to lift all legal restrictions on social contact.

This means night clubs can reopen and weddings can finally welcome an unlimited number of guests.

But Mr. Evans said it was “procrastination after procrastination” for the wedding industry.

“We’re not talking about going to the beach, it’s about planning a huge event with hundreds of people,” he said.

Copdock Hall is a popular wedding venue outside of Ipswich
– Credit: Ian Evans

“For many people this is supposed to be the greatest day of their life, and it was only clouded by uncertainty and excitement.”

Donna Stockley, wedding and event manager at Glemham Hall, said many couples saw the 21st

She has booked a wedding for June 26th, which has already reduced her guest list to 30 people due to the uncertainty.

In the meantime, a wedding planned for the beginning of July “hangs” for the next announcement – which is to take place on Monday – in the hope of being able to continue the 80-person celebration.

She said, “It’s really tough on these couples and the wedding planning trip wasn’t what it should be. It’s not the normal excitement that comes with preparing for your wedding day.

“Many couples feel like they are putting their lives on hold. Last year people loved to postpone, but now I feel like the tide is turning and the couples are fed up with it.

“Plus, as a company, if we don’t have major weddings, we suffer losses, so smaller weddings have an impact.”

Glemham Hall in Suffolk.
– Credit: Archant

She said the business needs to become “resilient” over the past year and always plan for backup options when things don’t go as described.

“The uncertainty about the dates just creates more work and it’s exhausting,” she said.

She also called for the guidelines to be published sooner than last time, stating that once approved, the industry was “left in suspension” for a week.

“It feels like our industry is deliberately left in the rain for both the couples and the wedding venues,” she added.

Robert Jenrick said the number of guests allowed at a wedding will be an issue Boris Johnson will address on June 14 when the Prime Minister makes a decision on step four of the roadmap.

Danny and Rachel Pugh tied the knot between lockdowns at Glemham Hall last year.

The community secretary told Sky News, “Weddings can now take place, but with a maximum of 30 guests.

“I know it is very difficult and I would like to see the number of people attending weddings increase.

“We’re going to think twice about it – it’s going to be one of the topics the Prime Minister will raise on June 14th.

“So the people looking forward to these weddings don’t have to wait long for an answer.”


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