When Ryan KorsgardThe former KPRC Channel 2 television reporter left Houston earlier this year. He wasn’t exactly sure what to do next. However, he knew two things: he moved to Austin and married his fiancé, Marshall Eudy, a media lawyer.

“We met the old-fashioned way,” Korsgard jokes to CultureMap. “On tinder.”

The paired married at Austin sophisticatedly Hotel Saint Cecilia in attendance on November 9th with 110 of her friends and family. For this occasion, the couple booked the entire historic hotel with 14 rooms in the vicinity of the popular South Congress district.

“Marshall knew it,” says Korsgard from the hotel. He admits that Eudy planned the wedding down to the last detail – including 12-year-old Collie Max wearing the Tiffany wedding rings on his bow tie. “It was just amazing. And we had the whole weekend all over the place so people could come and go and explore the city.”

A herd of Korsgard’s family and friends were there, including former KHOU anchors and his dear friends Lily Jang and Chau Nguyen. Connect TV friends including Channel 2 Anchors Andy Cerota and Great Day Houston hosts Derrick Shore were there too, along with KPRC Channel 2’s chief meteorologist Frank Billingsleywho presided over the wedding on a scenic Saturday afternoon along the grassy hill overlooking a 300 year old oak tree.

The wedding procession included Eudy’s brother Parker Eudy, a former teacher in Houston; his sister Gracie Eudy; and his best friend, Ashlee Arnold. Korsgard chose a plastic surgeon in Austin Dr. Rocco Piazza, Jang and Nguyen as companions. Nguyen’s two daughters – 7-year-old Myles Todd and 9-year-old Ryan Todd, who was named after their godfather Korsgard – proudly accompanied Max.

The participants enjoyed music from a four-person ensemble Terra Vista Strings. Dinner was taken care of in the evening With you and toast from Eudy’s brother and Nguyen.

Eudy suggested Korsgard for the former reporter’s birthday in August. He prepared a surprise trip and booked a cruise from Barcelona on the Silver Sea cruise line, which also included a helicopter tour and a Lamborghini trip around Monaco.

Everything, said Korsgard, was even more spectacular because Eudy had never been on a cruise before and delved into the careful planning, right down to the question of Korsgard, who often cruised with his family, which cruise line he had never sailed but wanted always. That level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail is one of the things Korsgard admits to love Eudy the most.

“He asked me to do my favorite thing on a cruise,” says Korsgard, “and I told him it’s very simple: you order room service so you don’t have to get up, you don’t have to get up.” You can just stay in the room and go to the balcony and watch the world go by. He brought out this box on August 7th, 2018 and I thought it was a candle, it was about that big. But I should have realized it was green Rolex packaging, but I wasn’t aware of it.

“I opened it and there was a clock inside and on the back it said, ‘Will you marry me?’ But the funny thing is I put the watch on and I thought this was a really nice watch and Marshall looked and I and he said, “Did you read the back?” So I turned it over and read the back and there was the ‘will you marry me?’ “

Korsgard was thoroughly surprised and of course said yes.

A few months later, he took Eudy to the Hotel Saint Cecilia for his birthday in January. He bought Eudy a watch and planned to have it engraved with “I do” on the back. But when Korsgard realizes how “very special” his fiancé was, he says: “There is no way I would engrave this beautiful watch until he approves it!”

The couple has settled in well into married life. They sold their Austin home and moved to a high-rise in downtown Austin. You look forward to embarking on an extended honeymoon aboard another Silver Seas cruise, this time to the Virgin Islands, with a stop in St. Barth’s. (It took the couple a few days right after the wedding to head to Puerto Vallarta, but with so much going on between Korsgard’s new gig and the house sale, they knew a longer trip would have to wait.)

“It’s interesting to be married,” notes Korsgard. “It was really easy to say ‘my fiancé’. But now some people say,“ How is your wife? ”And I have to say,“ No, my husband. ”It can be an awkward moment.”

But it doesn’t bother him much. He loves the commitment he and Eudy made to each other and knows that it will be a lifetime commitment.

“I just know you got each other back,” he says. “I think that’s the most important thing.”


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