“A bride should always look like the most beautiful version of herself, not like she disguises herself as someone else,” says Erdem Moralioğlu. “The most modern thing is to be yourself.” The Canadian-born, London-based designer has incorporated the essence of “pure, simple and effortless” bridal fashion into the White Collection: an edition of six ready-to-wear wedding dresses that can be worn well beyond the big day. From sweetly embellished cape dresses and embroidered cotton voile midis to breathtakingly simple broderie-anglaise dresses, Moralioğlu’s perfectly crafted capsule feels young while also having a sense of permanence. This is in part the designer versus British Vogue, right down to the influence of his archive.

The Ulrica gown, £ 2,295.

“I finished my first Fall / Winter 2006 fashion show with a bride,” he said. “It’s funny, she was always in the back of my mind.” Fifteen years of exquisite fashion looks inspired by time-traveling narratives gave the storyteller designer plenty of inspiration to fall back on. Look, the Caelyn mini dress, worn with a polka dot tulle headband and floral neck tag in the Icelandic lookbook, was inspired by a moment on the 2015 Fall / Winter show. The blooming necklace is a take on the accessory from its recent catwalk launch, the Cecil Beaton-inspired Fall / Winter 2020 collection, staged before the pandemic broke out and Moralioğlu had time to come up with new brand offerings like this one.

The Floredice Dress, £ 2,995.

“It was important to me that the collection still had a very human hand,” he shares, creating youthful pieces that have a sense of lightness compared to his bespoke bridal wear. “I’ve always loved the idea of ​​creating something couture-like, so there’s only one, but at the same time I like the casualness of the White Collection. With both, [the Erdem customer is] buy a piece to pass it on. “The ditsy cotton dresses Ulrica and Suzette are personal favorites because they look new and 100 years old at the same time.

The Clementine Dress, £ 4,995.

“I designed the White Collection with love, the way I do everything,” ponders Erdem before adding that it was wonderful to enjoy a moment of escape in the current climate. Although he admits that this lock feels more difficult because of the unknown time frame, he is grateful for the opportunity to focus, dream, and draw. For the brides currently treading the unsafe path to their wedding days in the face of the ongoing pandemic, Erdem’s White Collection offers a new perspective.

The Suzette dress, £ 1,395.

The Erdem White Collection will be available year-round from February 2021 at Erdem.com and in the flagship store in Mayfair.

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