Before Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kitchlu’s big wedding, a photo of the couple from the pre-wedding photo shoot was shared on his Instagram by their photographer Joseph Radhik. The photo showed how Kajal and Gautam enjoyed each other and how their amiable expressions conveyed everything about their relationship. Within seconds, the photo went viral on the internet.

Couples will not allow restrictions imposed by COVID-19 to create and capture their many unforgettable wedding moments. They love makeup, costumes, and top notch photography to ensure their wedding photo gallery becomes a cherished part of their happy future.

Divya Chadha of A Klass Apart says families on middle to high grades are spending their money getting the best photos to capture the moments. She says, “The focus used to be more on food and entertainment, with an A-class celebrity performing at the Sangeet, setting up a sumptuous selection of gourmet dishes and serving premium liquor. But with the truncated guest list, they realized that there was no point in putting up such an extravaganza. So they spit all the money on the photos. ”

Insta-gen couples

Karthik Srinivasan, founder of Moonstruck Weddings, says insta-gen couples are fueling demand for wedding photography. “While social media has changed the wedding photography business, the pandemic has put the emphasis on visual storytelling,” he says, adding that his crew includes cameramen to create the wedding films. Adds Divya, “While families on a crore wedding budget are spending 20 lakhs on photography these days, the spend is much higher than that. Couples are investing in pre- and post-wedding shoots to go viral on social media. ”

Zoom in on weddings and smart photos

Event Art’s Saraswathi notes that a wedding needs to be planned from a zoom perspective today. “From the bride’s entrance to the wedding rituals, every corner is important,” she says. Karthik adds, “Many professionals are giving up their jobs to take wedding photography so they can make big bucks while they indulge their passion.” Oaks Weddings’ Rahul Ratna says the pandemic has also given couples more time to research and focus on looks as they don’t want to compromise on makeup and hairstyle for their wedding photos.

Digital photos and coffee table albums

Although people have warmed up to the idea of ​​digital albums, the pandemic has catapulted the shift, Divya says. She adds, “Families prefer digital albums and albums in the form of books with coffee tables.” Rahul says couples now search through thousands of photos before selecting the photos to include in their albums. He adds that there are many who choose to put the photos on hard drives so they can select and print them whenever they want.

Make-up is important

With the emphasis on photography, couples have to do their best when it comes to fashion, says Suman Joshi, a wedding makeup artist. “In just one or two events, couples want us to create as many looks as possible,” she says. Rubina, a high-ranking makeup artist, says: “While makeup artists were available for a price starting at 35,000 euros, the price now starts at 60,000 euros.

In addition to cleaning your face, you also have to disinfect after every look. And then there is the cost of safe travel, masks, PPE kits, and protective gear. ”

Love conquers all

From intimate moments to dancing and exploring the beaches, couples turn precious moments into priceless memories

Viral sensation

Rishi Karthikeyan married Lakshmi on September 16, and the pandemic got in the way of the lavish celebrations they had planned. But to celebrate their wedding, the couple decided to do a photo shoot. They roped into one

Photographer friend and went to Idukki tea gardens. They made a storm out of their photo shoots by taking them public and even garnering international attention.


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