JALANDHAR: Bholath MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira has said that “selective information” the Enforcement Directorate (ED) released to the media about payments made by him to fashion designers was nothing more than an attempt to defame his public image.
In a statement released in Jalandhar on Thursday, Khaira dismissed the ED’s charges of making huge payments to some fashion designers.
Khaira said the payments, which are very small in terms of money, were made in 2015-16 at the time of his daughter’s wedding.
“It is a normal practice for every family, especially Punjabis, to try to give their children, especially daughters, their best at the time of their wedding,” said Khaira.
“My family had bought three wedding dresses for his daughter and his family in 2015-16. The total wedding dresses were in the range of around Rs 7-8 lakh. The source of money paid to said fashion designers came from his agricultural limit / overdraft account at a bank in Jalandhar, ”he said.
He said he was amused by the allegations made in the media that he paid the said fashion designers several million rupees while the three dresses his family bought were of negligible price.


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