Clear Choice Photo Booth, one of the leading and fastest-growing photo booth rentals in the United States, fulfills custom creative needs with bespoke photo booths and kiosks. Whether Clear Choice is throwing a corporate holiday party, celebrating a wedding, or promoting a sporting event, DNP trusts in providing our customers with world-class prints that they can hold onto and appreciate.

With locations in over 25 cities across the country, Clear Choice rents photo booths for over 2,000 events each year. At every event, it offers high-quality photo booth equipment and highly skilled staff making sure that every aspect of the event – from waiting for a photo to getting the final print – runs smoothly. Clear Choice has the experience and understands the importance of a photo booth that both looks good and works effectively. Clear Choice Photo Booth staff believe that the most important factors any photo booth can offer are portability, ease of use, quality photos, and an overall appealing design.

Stephanie Draudt, warehouse manager at Clear Choice Photo Booth, recommends using DNP photo printers to ensure the best possible photo booth experience at every event. Draudt recommends the DS620A ™, the DS-RX1HS ™, and the new QW4100 for their portability, reliability, and print quality.

“The DNP dye-sublimation photo printers are the best I’ve ever used,” said Draudt. “The printers are both durable and lightweight, which makes them easy to move from event to event. I always feel like I can rely on a DNP printer as I’ve never had any problems with it. “DNP’s dye-sublimation photo printers produce beautiful, high-quality prints that are smudge-free. Near-instant photo prints make a photo booth easy to operate, and Clear Choice Photo Booth ensures the photo booth runs effectively and looks great.

Clear Choice Photo Booth is committed to ensuring that its customers’ events are unique, tasteful, and memorable, with bespoke photo booths and DNP printing solutions.

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