An Asian bridal designer has opened a studio with modest clothing as one of her core values.

Raeesah Jassat founded her clothing brand Valentina Rose last September with bespoke dresses such as bridal, simple dresses and ready-to-wear dresses.

The mother of three wanted to create a modest brand for especially Muslim girls, but is aimed at every customer, regardless of belief.

Located at the Blackburn Enterprise Center, the 31-year-old first started a clothing store 10 years ago but quit after having and raised her three children.

She said, “I’ve always been interested in fashion and business.

“My husband and I run two restaurants, but I keep coming back to them and wanted to have my own brand.

“It’s nice to represent and support all kinds of women and to offer my daughters something to look up to.

“And so many women are looking for modest clothing that is still glamorous and affordable. I wanted to offer that because it is important that all women feel comfortable.”

Valentina Rose, Ms. Jassat, often designs Asian bridal wear, with heavy embroidery work being done in places like Lebanon and Turkey.

She also carries an extremely popular, modest range of clothing that has an option for any type of dresser.

In the beginning Ms. Jassat designed and made everything herself, but as the brand has grown she only designs while the dresses are made in places like Delhi.

Everything but her ready-to-wear collection was designed by the mother herself.

She said, “A customer will show us a dress from the internet and we will recreate it according to their budget.

“At first I was just ready to wear collections, but a lot of people asked me about bridal wear.

“Usually people go for the dazzling, glamorous dresses, but since the pandemic, they have wanted something more sophisticated.”

Ms. Jassat and her husband run Wok to Work in Manchester which is part of a franchise business and a new pizzeria called Crusts in Rochdale.

She said, “I was busy being a mom before and I do all the social media and marketing for the restaurants I run with my husband.

“I want my daughters to see that an Asian woman in particular can work just as well as everything else because we take on a lot.”

The company was originally scheduled to start in February 2020, but after the pandemic halted her plans, Ms. Jassat finally started again in September.

To see more of her work, follow the Instagram page @


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