Future brides and grooms fear their big days will be canceled and they will lose thousands after claiming their wedding venue made them “spooky”.

Happy couples have told The Mirror they feared their long-awaited big days won’t happen in locations part of the luxury hotel chain bigdaywedding.co.uk.

Concerned customers claim they bombarded the company with emails, calls, and texts to confirm their weddings are still happening only to be surrounded by stone walls.

Bigdaywedding.co.uk – the publicly accessible part of the hotel chain – has told The Mirror that all weddings will take place as planned from June onwards, but many nearly-married people are skeptical.

Employees were fired after the initial lockdown, a former employee reported on Glassdoor, asking questions about how the operation will resume next month.

Tired of her calls being ignored, one bride-to-be, claiming she had visited one of the hotels and found that an upstairs ceiling had collapsed while looking into the seemingly empty building.

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Customers raised issues with the Durker Roods Hotel
(Image: Huddersfield Examiner)

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Angry couples have now hired lawyers and gone into the business.

The warning signs have convinced people like Carrie Hornby that she will be out of her pocket and have to wait even longer for her wedding.

The 48-year-old, who says she has paid £ 1,500 so far and wants to get married at the Durker Roods Hotel in Huddersfield, had to postpone her wedding until July 18 because of the lockdown.

She claims she contacted the company in April to ask a question, only to be banned first on her personal WhatsApp and then on her work number the next day.

Carrie says she spent days writing multiple letters, making calls, and sending emails to speak to an employee before deciding to cut her losses and cancel the wedding.

When she finally got through to someone, she was told that the money she had paid was non-refundable.

“The impact has been pretty devastating,” Carrie told The Mirror of the uncertainty surrounding her wedding.

“We haven’t slept for days. I was so upset. I really didn’t handle it very well.

“We’re not rich people. We need this money. We can’t afford to lose 1,500 pounds.”

While Carrie has been told the wedding can take place, she says she doesn’t trust the company because of what she sees as “lack of communication, caring, and honesty”.

“We feel really betrayed. It’s a terrible feeling to be spooky and ignored is terrible,” she added.

Hayley and Declan paid for another venue after losing their faith
(Image: Haley Clarke)

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Hayley Clarke now also wants to cancel her wedding, which should take place at the Northop Hall Country House Hotel in Flintshire, Wales.

She claims she kept trying to call the company only so that their calls would be dead after being blocked by her wedding planner.

“I moved to a different venue because I lost all faith,” said Hayley, whose great-aunt died after the original wedding date was postponed.

“We had to dive into our savings because I don’t want to postpone my wedding again.”

Along with partner Declan, 27, the 30-year-old says she now has thousands of pounds out of her own pocket.

Alarm bells were ringing for another woman who wanted to remain anonymous when she had to postpone her wedding from May to August and did not receive an updated contract from bigdaywedding.co.uk, she claimed.

The 28-year-old, who was also frozen by the company, said she visited Northop Hall and found a sign on the door announcing the property management had changed hands.

“The phone lines don’t ring to the wedding planner and the hotel, the emails bounce back, and I also tried to contact the apparently new wedding planner,” she said.

“Currently, I have no contact with the venue, the wedding planner, or the owners.

“I have the feeling that both hotels have sold us a dream and the reality is far from it.”

Many couples have been left in the dark as to whether their weddings will be held at Northop Hall

Many couples have been left in the dark as to whether their weddings will be held at Northop Hall
(Image: Daily Post Wales)

The doctor’s staff member, who says she hasn’t received an updated contract to confirm the scheduled appointment, added, “I even went to Northop Hall to see if I could speak to anyone there and the hotel literally went to them Lights on, but nobody was on. ” At home.

“When I went to Northop after learning about the change of ownership (I found) the property was being tended, but in the front room upstairs you can see the ceiling has collapsed.”

Almost a hundred people have joined a Facebook page to share similar complaints about bigdaywedding.co.uk

They have teamed up to hire a lawyer and ask the competition and market authorities to investigate.

A spokesman for bigdaywedding.co.uk said: “The hotels will reopen in June and everyone will have their wedding as planned and those whose (sic) dates could not be met due to Covid restrictions will be or have been offered alternative dates.

“Our wedding planner has quit, so now I have stepped in and am in the process of contacting all of the brides and grooms to calm their thoughts.”


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