A business or a company grows like a plant. You need to water it every day to take care of it from seasons and other unexpected and undesirable events. A similar example that we have today is Connery movie. ConneryFilm is a big name in wedding photography and films. People love ConneryFilm’s work. The appreciation and recognition of the people created a positive atmosphere for ConneryFilm. Let’s talk about how an idea became such a big deal.

It is worth starting a career from nobody to special. We wonder how unusual and extraordinary it is to hear about it. Let’s listen Connery Davoodian came to the US in 2009 and soon after started working as a video editor and videographer for huge companies like JFA Studio and Kojifilm. He had a passion to work tirelessly and ungratefully. His work inspired wherever he worked. The companies owned it as their philosopher’s stone. In 2014 he joined CBN international as a video editor and made his work known on an international level. He gained worldwide attention and critical acclaim for his work and won many awards. It didn’t take him too long to start producing as the first, which is a great testament to his work and art.

Working as a valuable employee is one thing, starting your own business is another measure. So he started his own wedding photography and cinematography. Working for himself was another feeling for him. It cannot be described, it can only be felt. The real passion and creative art always make room for themselves. The same goes for Connery Davoodian, who used to work for others but now runs her own company.

His work is a heavenly art. The videography and photography he showed Connery Davoodian is a masterpiece. You can’t help but praise your work and immerse yourself in your photography. He doesn’t take photos or videos, but he captures moments of perfection and steals the creation from nature. The photos and videos speak for themselves.

The ConneryFilm team provides high quality, effective and affordable solutions and services for visual communication. The competent and creative team at ConneryFilm meets your requirements with natural beauty. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with ConneryFilm and capture your perfect moments with them. Her well-equipped team and creative art know how to make your world full of memories and happiness with her amazing photography and videography.


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