Located on Three Bin Farm LLC at 5602 E. County Road 100N, Seymour, this building has a variety of uses including graduation and confirmation parties or baby and wedding parties. Submitted photo

City officials have given two wedding locations a “yes”.

During recent meetings of the Seymour Plan Commission and Seymour Board of Zoning Appeals, attorney Jeff Lorenzo spoke on behalf of Brian and Jenny Stuckwisch of Three Bin Farm LLC to resolve a land use derogation at 5602 E. County Road 100N for use as a wedding reception / party / Dinner place.

During recent meetings of the Seymour Planning Commission and Seymour City Council, Tim Lynch requested a rededication of the property on the 3700 block of North US 31 to create a new building for use as a wedding location. That will go from RS (single family home) to C-2 (commercial).

The Planning Commission gave approving recommendations for both proposals, and the BZA and the Council agreed in their respective final votes.

Lorenzo said the stucco mops used about 5 acres of their 80-acre property to host a variety of events.

Since this recently included a catered dinner, the Jackson County Health Department received a message and first contacted Jackson County Construction Commissioner Conner Barnette, who then referred the agency to Seymour Construction Commissioner Jeremy Gray because the property was on the outskirts located on the 2 mile long edge of town.

“We do not build buildings. We do not do anything other than what we are currently doing,” said Lorenzo of the planning committee. “All we want to do is get into line with the city so we can line up with the health department. That’s it.”

Lorenzo said the city’s zone code didn’t speak for wedding and banquet facilities, so he thought C-2 was the category that worked best.

Gray agreed that a deviation was best.

“It’s only while they’re doing what they want to do,” said Gray. “If they decide to sell the 80 acre farm and do something else, it’ll go back. If they don’t want to continue (the venue) it goes back to RS. I don’t feel we need it to re-zone that out on C-2. “

Approval from the city enables Stuckwisches to obtain appropriate approval from the health department for catering dinners.

“We host many types of events, from graduation / confirmation parties to baby / wedding parties,” said Jenny Stuckwisch. “We love to share our farm with the community.”

The large barn, outside area, and garbage can are some of the places people can use on their farm.

“I drove to the property. This is a nice facility you have,” Dan Robison, a member of the planning committee, told the stucco mops. “I hope I’ll get invited to an event out there at some point.”

Lynch presented pictures and site plans for his planned wedding location.

The planning commission’s only questions were about seating capacity (150-200) and parking at the south end of the property (to make sure the Indiana Department of Environmental Management clears).

“We definitely looked at that and have the chance to move the hillside venue further back once we start moving some dirt and see what we can do there in that lower corner,” Lynch said of the Parking spot.

Now that he has approval from the city, Lynch said he will send information to the state and move ahead with obtaining a building permit.


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