Who doesn’t love a photo booth? From the coin operated version for printing photo strips in your local arcade to high tech green screens and GIF booths, it’s so much fun to grab props and jump with your friends. If you’ve made the decision to add photo booth to your wedding reception entertainment, now is a good time to let you know that photo booths offer so much more than a camera, backdrop, and printer.

We have rounded up seven alternative photo booths that will take your reception to the next level.

The GIF booth

Courtesy of ZippyBooth

Why a still image when you can have one that moves? If you plan to use GIFs for text and social media communication, then definitely be sure to add a GIF booth to your wedding budget. With ZippyBooth in Chicago, both animated and still images are captured and uploaded directly to a website for your guests to see all of the exhilaration. All they have to do is jump into the booth, snap a few photos, and enter their phone number. Then they will immediately receive a text message with a link to view their GIF and share it however they want.

The airbrush stand

You read that right: airbrush. MVS Studio in Brooklyn and Los Angeles has everything from GIFs and instant prints to social sharing and a GLAM airbrush filter that is guaranteed to make your guests look like Kardashians. Everything that is needed in a small space means it can go anywhere – and is suitable for all of your friends.

The VW bus stand

Courtesy The Shutterbus

Are you looking for a photo booth that has entertainment and decor? How about an adorable VW bus? The Shutterbus with locations in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Wyoming offers lovingly restored VW buses that come straight to your party. Photos are printed and uploaded to a Facebook gallery for easy sharing. The bus comes with a range of props that are perfect for your celebration.

The slow motion state

What’s the only feature missing from Instagram Stories? Slow motion. The good news is that your wedding won’t have to do without them. The Slow Motion Booth is the opposite of Boomerang and a GIF booth that dramatically records HD videos of champagne pops, confetti tosses, and wild dancing. Photo booths are cute, but slow motion videos are memorable and very fun. Set up a projector for live playback and send the link to the video montage so you and your guests can relive all the fun.

The 360 ​​flipbook stand

You’ve seen these 360 ​​cameras on red carpets giving you every nook and cranny of your favorite celebrity’s dress. Why not indulge in the same treatment with a 360 photo booth? Whether you are showing off your wedding gown or getting dramatically immersed by your groom, the resulting GIF is a whole new way to take photos. Even better? The Santa Barbara open air booth prints these lightning-fast photos into a flip book so you can relive the new school moment in an old school way.

The vintage camera booth

Courtesy Pop Shop Photobooth

Regardless of the style of your wedding, these cameras will fit exactly. Pop Shop Photobooth’s vintage-inspired design will definitely grab your guests ‘attention, but the insides are all digital – meaning the booths can send the images straight to your guests’ phones. The open-air design allows you to add as many friends as you want to each shot. The rental fee includes a custom logo that appears at the bottom of the printed photos. Upgrade your rental with a printed background (like one of the fun vintage-inspired patterns you see on their Instagram account).

The nostalgic DIY stand

Are you looking for a more practical reception activity? Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 90 NEO CLASSIC cameras are perfect for you. These handheld cameras have a classic design and the functions and features that only an analog camera can offer, such as: B. Lamp and double exposure, macro mode and of course instant printing, perfect for scrapbooks, gallery walls and take away favors.


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