Prime Minister Boris Johnson poses with his new wife Carrie Johnson in the garden at 10 Downing Street after their wedding at Westminster Cathedral

Photo by Rebecca Fulton / Downing Street via Getty Images

She has long been a passionate eco-warrior, so it’s no surprise that Carrie Symonds made an eco-friendly choice for her bridal outfit. The 33-year-old, who married Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday afternoon, has reportedly opted to rent her wedding dress – plus three more bait dresses to keep the process under wraps.

Honeymoon for newlyweds Boris and Carrie Johnson on hold

According to the Times, Carrie selected the dresses from a designer fashion rental platform, My Wardrobe HQ. The couple’s small, Covid-proof wedding took place at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday, May 29th. Carrie finally decided on a summery dress made of ivory-colored tulle and silk by the Greek designer Christos Costarellos. She completed the whimsical look with a flower garland and wore her long blonde hair down.

The dress with pretty lattice cutouts and hand-cut “Kopaneli” lace applications (woven according to traditional Greek patterns) comes from the brand’s exclusive bridal capsule collection. It normally costs £ 2,870 but was reportedly only £ 45 since Carrie brought the dress back today.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds attend the 2020 Commonwealth Day Service

Photo by Samir Hussein / WireImag

You can now rent Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s country deck

The Prime Minister’s new bride is said to have ordered four dresses of different shades to her home on Downing Street so as not to give any indication of her upcoming wedding. Even My Wardrobe HQ only realized what the Christos Costarellos dress was intended for when a picture of the newlyweds was presented to the public on Sunday. Co-founder and CEO Sacha Newall told the Times, “We didn’t know what it was for. We were only asked to deliver a few items. Then we saw what happened this weekend. It was all a bit of a surprise. ‘

It’s not the first time Carrie has taken the rental route instead of buying a new dress that is only worn for one occasion. She also rented a dress in 2019 to meet the Queen at Balmoral while accompanying her now husband on a two-day visit to the monarch’s Scottish residence. Plus, one of her most memorable outfits, the pink ghost dress she wore when she was first photographed on the steps of Downing Street with the Prime Minister, is from My Wardrobe HQ.

How Carrie Symonds mastered diplomatic dressing

Newall speculated that Carrie will carefully weigh her fashion choices given her new marital status, adding, “There is an awareness that as the Prime Minister’s wife she must be dressed in a certain way … I don’t want to feel her turning the page lets down. ‘

Now that Carrie officially made the transition from first fiancé to Prime Minister’s wife, she marked the move with a significant change to her social media profiles. Her maiden name has now been replaced on both her private Instagram and public Twitter accounts, with her handles now reading “carrielbjohnson”.

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