Photography is the most important thing for the wedding to capture all the beautiful moments of D-Day. But which one is best for you, candid or traditional photography? Find out the difference below.

Candid vs Traditional Wedding Photography: What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Wedding is one of the most precious moments in the life of people who want to capture all of their beautiful moments to cherish later. That is why wedding photography is one of the most important things for the big event. Without the right photographer, she won. ‘Don’t be creative.

Are you getting hitched Then you need to think about your wedding photography. But which one do you want to choose? There are two types of wedding photography, traditional and open. It is better to know each of them properly before graduation.

What is the difference between open and traditional photography?

Honest photography for the wedding

Honest photography is always very spontaneous. People don’t know when they will be captured, and that’s why it’s called an open style. It’s more natural and vivid without excessive flash. It’s not just about the bride and groom. We can see the natural background, guests together with the bride and groom. It’s more casual. A warm tone is also used in the image to blend in well with the background. In open photography, the camera type, settings, flash, etc. are more advanced than in traditional photography. Honest photography is more expensive than traditional. Candid is used to create a cinematic effect. it looks more like a documentary.

Traditional photography for the wedding

Traditional photography is cheaper than candid and mainly focuses on the bride and groom. Photos taken in the traditional style often seem more artificial than the honest ones. People are always aware that they are being clicked and are looking straight into the camera. Everyone tries to put their best pose to make the photos look their best, while honest photographers use their own style and sense to get the best shots. Many flashlights are used in traditional photos. The length of the video is almost 1 hour and frankly a maximum of 40 minutes. Colors, styles and settings are completely different with Candid, but more fundamental with Tradition.

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