We have just passed a year in which we experienced a global pandemic. Anniversaries, corporate events, parties and weddings have been pushed into the background. Now that the vaccines are in place, it’s time to start the party.

With YellowBus Photo Booth you can capture the moment. Ky and Stephanie Olsen are the owners of a 1977 Volkswagen Type 2 van. Literally this is as bright a business as they come and it’s on wheels.

Stephanie and Ky Olsen

About 2 years ago the Olsens turned a traditional photo booth and converted their ride into one. This Burlington, Wisconsin-based company brings flair to events, keeps memories, creates joy, and improves the community too.

Before being a business on wheels, this van traveled the US, Canada, Guatemala and Mexico. How cool would it be if it made a pit stop at your next event? You can because it’s available for events anywhere from weddings to trade shows and everything in between.

You can book the YellowBus Photo Booth by clicking here. Fill out the contact form with your event details to get in touch with the Olsens. Bookings for events from 2021 to 2023 are now possible. So you can also browse the packages available here.

Safe, sunny and in the seventies

In the Photo Booth, photo by Stephanie Olsen

Stephanie Olsen says: “We take the current situation with COVID-19 very seriously and are taking additional precautionary measures to minimize the risk as far as possible. We offer a disinfection station for guests as well as improved disinfection of areas with high contact and our companions wear masks throughout the event. ”

It is also a safe place for members of the LGBTQ community. The YellowBus Photo Booth is a member of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

The Olsens say: “We believe that love is love and we would be delighted to celebrate the great events of life with you!” That’s right, the crowd’s favorite photo booth is in operation and welcomes everyone to their safe space.

Photo by Paloma Havlik Photo

The Olsen started their business with the intention of making the community a better place.

“Community engagement is very important to us both as individuals and as a company. For us, success means more than just making money, it means creating added value for the community. We have made it our mission to coordinate at least one event every year that supports a local cause, ”says Stephanie Olsen.

Your current event A Bus Full of Kindness and Feminine Care is a timely care event benefiting Southern Lakes Area Love, Inc. This project was launched because of the lack of access that millions of women have to contemporary products. In addition, the YellowBus Photo Booth seeks to end the stigma of a basic biological function.

“We hope that through this event we can shed light on an important topic and help remove the barriers to educational and career goals caused by poverty.”

Donations are accepted here via GoFundMe. There is also an Amazon wish list on which items can be bought and donated. More details can be found here.

Lighten Events with the YellowBus Photo Booth

If there is a way to brighten up your event, a big yellow bus will do it. If you don’t have any events to host, follow the company on Instagram here and like them here on Facebook to show them your support. Also visit the website here for all the details about the photo booth.


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