Lisa Knight and Adam Houston's home was broken into days before their wedding.  Houston's wedding ring was stolen.

David Unwin / Fairfax NZ

Lisa Knight and Adam Houston’s home was broken into days before their wedding. Houston’s wedding ring was stolen.

A future Manawatu bride is devastated after thieves broke into her home a few days before her wedding and stole her fiancé’s ring and wedding decor while ransacking the house.

Lisa Knight and Adam Houston’s home in Palmerston North was broken into on Monday while the two were out during the day.

Knight had just picked up her sister, who was flying to Wellington for the Invercargill wedding on Saturday and was on her way home from the airport, when Houston called to tell her the bad news.

“He said ‘we got robbed’ and the first thing I said was ‘did you take my wedding dress?'”

The burglars made their way past the welcome signs to steal the couple’s electronics, wedding decorations, and Houston wedding ring.

Strangely enough, Knight’s wedding ring was not taken.

Instead, Houston said it was left open in the box on her bed.

Knight said she felt like the burglars were “pretending to be nice”.

Knight was particularly upset about the theft of a large jar of the couple’s favorite lollipops that were being collected for their wedding.

“We especially chose our favorite chocolate items and filled them up, and it cost a lot because it was a giant glass and everything was ready.

“I think this is such a personal, unnecessary thing.

“I understand they can sell things and make money, but why do you have to take our wedding things with you?” Said Knight.

As a former reporter and now a news director for the Fairfax community, Knight said break-ins was something she saw a lot on the news, but she never thought it would happen to her.

The couple encouraged people to be vigilant, keep an eye out for their neighbors, and prepare in the event of a break-in – writing down serial numbers and documenting possessions.

“If you ever see someone come out of a house with a TV and not drive a truck there, they’ll likely steal them,” Knight said.

Among the items captured were two different laptops, one pink and the other purple, the latter requiring an adapter.

A pair of rose gold Beats headphones, a television and an Xbox were also taken away.

Although Knight was “heartbroken,” she said she was focused on the big day ahead of her.

“You may have taken Adam’s wedding ring, but I’ll be able to keep Adam forever on Saturday.”

A police spokeswoman said the break-in was being investigated.

Anyone who has information about the stolen items or the break-in can contact the police on 06 351 3600 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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