Jungkook’s Photo Booth teasers look deciphered

World famous Korean pop band BTS is back with something new! After a rocking 2020, the all-boy band got off to a successful start in 2021 when they released their latest track Butter. It is the band’s second English-language single after Dynamite. Butter has become so popular around the world that it triggered eight different versions of the song on YouTube.

After the song’s great success, the popular group will release a new track along with the Butter CD single on July 9th. The first teasers of their upcoming CD version of Butter were shared on social media today and the BTS Army is loving the new development.

Big Hit Music announced that they will release the special Butter album. The album will serve as a gift for ARMYs on the fan club’s birthday, July 9th.

In the new teasers, band members V and Jungkook looked neat in black outfits as usual. The group’s youngest member and singer, Jungkook, was spotted wearing a designer denim jacket, black boots, a gold watch and a fancy pendant.

Jungkook, who often quits the fashion police, impressed with her fashion and style, did it twice this time too.

We did the math and managed to calculate the total cost of Jungkook’s look which is worth more than Rs 25 lakh! His blackmeans denim jacket with shred detailing was worth in 2012 (Rs 1,49,356) while the Alexis Derby designer shoes were for $ 231 (Rs 17,147). The expensive Rolex watch was priced at $ 32,000 (23, 7543, 40 rupees).

All in all, Jungkook’s entire outfit costs around Rs 25 lakh! Jaw dropping? ? Well, this isn’t the first time he’s wearing something this expensive.

Not only does Jungkook leave fans impressed with his fashion and dyed hair, but he also loves to wear shoes. He is a shoe lover and his quirky shoe collection is something all shoe lovers must see!

Meanwhile, BTS Butter recently hit the Hot 100 for its fourth week, making it the longest leading No. 1. “Billboard # Hot100 No1 x 4. Unbelievable! #BTS_Butter is at the top of the charts for 4 weeks in a row! Thank you #BTSARMY, “said the band’s official tweet.

Are you looking forward to the new Butter CD single? Let us know @TimesNow.


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