Are you looking for something different for your wedding dress? Forget about silk, chiffon, and lace – some brides crochet for their big day and the look is really special.

Take Joan Aoko, for example. She got married in October 2019 in her own crochet piece of art. “Yeah! I crocheted my own wedding dress,” said Aoko, 28, according to Kenya’s Daily Nation. “I was promoting my brand and wanted to show the world that wedding dresses don’t necessarily have to be the traditional type.”

Aoko spent two months creating her dress, revealing that she “wanted something luxurious”. She got it as you can see in the photos she shared of her dress on Instagram.

Since then, Aoko has crocheted beautiful wedding dresses for other brides under her Byaoko brand, which has nearly 18,000 followers on Instagram. Check out this one she did in 2020 for a woman named Vera who has a short pull.

As you can probably tell by their close relationship, Aoko has been in her profession for a long time.

“I learned to crochet when I was nine,” she told the Daily Nation. “My first item was a solid porch. My mom made amazing vitambaas and that really inspired me to learn the craft. “

Another bride who crocheted her own wedding dress was 22-year-old Kansas-based Abbey Ramirez-Bodley, who tied the knot in 2015. It also gave her the opportunity to spend some time with her aunt, who taught her the craft when she was a little girl.

She shared the finished product on Twitter and you can see how beautiful it looked to yourself.

@ Yarnspirations1 I just wanted to share my wedding dress that my aunt and I crocheted from white # lilysugar’ncreamyarn

– Abbey Ramirez (@ abbeylr00) November 2, 2015

“This is always a piece I’ll have with her,” she told the Huffington Post. “When I look at it, I will remember the wonderful wedding I had and the eight months I had to spend with my aunt to have it.”

Another benefit was the savings. The dress cost her $ 70 plus $ 100 for a green dress she wore underneath – much cheaper than the average wedding dress, which was $ 1,600 in 2019.

Ramirez-Bodley and her aunt did the whole thing without a pattern, which makes it even more impressive!


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