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Meghan and Harry’s Tell-All is the “last straw” for William, say insiders

Queen Elizabeth was “shocked and saddened” by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s response last week to their official statement of their decision to strip the Sussexes of their ceremonial titles and patronage. But there is one member of the royal family who was and is “absolutely angry” about it. A royal source told Best Life that Prince William “was seething with anger” at what he felt was “total disregard for Her Majesty in a very public way”. Harry and Meghan’s stinging words came shortly after they announced that they would sit down with Oprah Winfrey for a full interview on CBS on March 7th. The insider said this was “the last straw” in the brothers’ already broken relationship. The Sussexes’ decision to conduct the interview leads to comparisons with Princess Diana’s 1995 explosive sitdown with Martin Bashir, which proved disastrous for both the Princess and the Royals. It was a decision she regretted. Almost three decades later, William just can’t understand why a member of the royal family would open up to this type of control and drag the rest of the family into it, knowing how devastating it can be for everyone involved, telling Diana that she ran this infamous BBC Interview made, including William and Harry. The headmaster at Eton College, where William was studying at the time, made the prince see it alone in his office. When Diana arrived to speak to her son the day after the interview premiered – during which time she questioned Prince Charles’ eligibility as king and talked about his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles – William refused to see his mother. “He loved his mother very much,” said an insider. “But at the time he thought the interview was an amazing betrayal. He couldn’t understand why Diana publicly said the things she’d done about his father and the monarchy.” The locked interview with the world’s most famous interviewer and personality revived all of those memories for William. “According to the insider, Harry’s decision has driven the brothers’ once-strong bond” into the abyss. “” If there is any kind of reconciliation between the brothers, it will be very far now, if at all, “the source said She continues for the amazing reasons that could be behind a potentially irreparable break between the brothers. For more information on the House of Windsor, see Prince Harry Prepares for Prince Philip’s Side, Say Insiders. William has always been wary of those Media, while Harry apparently began to delve into it. Diana’s death fueled a deep suspicion and aversion to the media in William that at his request the Palace had to negotiate an agreement with the press for the prince to attend during his time St. Andrews University should be left alone on the condition that he would make himself available for regular press calls, which he reportedly hated. When he and Kate were graduating and his then-girlfriend was being followed by photographers, he filed a formal complaint with the press commission. To this day, the prince still keeps the press at bay, but he has learned to give the media just enough access to his own family and royals to protect them while also fulfilling his duty as an heir. Harry has filed numerous lawsuits against the media for what he sees as harassing and untrue stories about Meghan and their relationship. He told Tom Bradby in the now infamous ITV interview that every time he sees a wall of lightbulbs he returns to his mother’s tragic death. But now that Harry is living in America, he’s apparently taken on more of a celebrity’s attitude towards the press. William first spoke through the media in 2017 in the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. His poignant remarks could indicate why he is reportedly angry and confused about Harry’s decision to interview Oprah. “Harry and I lived through it [the media’s obsession with Diana and its fatal consequence]and one lesson I’ve learned is that you never let go [the media] too far because it is very difficult to get them out, “he said.” You need to maintain a barrier and a boundary because if both sides cross it, a lot of pain can result from it. “And for more information on the People’s Princess tragedy, see The 6 Biggest Unanswered Questions About Princess Diana’s Death. Tension between William and Harry began long before Meghan came. In the fall, royal historian Robert Lacey told Best Life that the toxic combination of William and Harry’s traumatic upbringing from their parents’ “loveless, arranged” marriage and their mother’s shocking death caused some long-simmering resentment that culminated in such a deep rift that it threatened the future of the monarchy. “Most thought Die The double trauma of her parents’ marriage and the tragic death of her mother were a thing of the past, “Lacey told Best Life in October 2020. But that was not the case.” You are the heir to all that heartache, “he added. And for mor What Lacey believes Diana would have done about her divide, read Diana would have healed William and Harry’s rift, says Royal Biographer. According to reports, Harry Williams took off early concerns about his relationship to Meghan as an insult and a sign of disrespect. When Harry started dating Meghan in 2016, William reportedly reminded his brother of the advice their mother once gave them. A royal insider told Best Life in March 2020: “Both William and Harry knew how deeply unhappy their mother was about her disastrous marriage to Charles. She wanted this to be a warning story to her. Diana and Charles were a little alone together a dozen times before they were married. Both had concerns but felt compelled to do so. Diana told William and Harry to make sure that the woman they were going to marry was “the one” and shouldn’t rush or be forced to do anything. “William reminded Harry of her mother’s warning, according to the Daily Mail, and asked his brother,” Are you sure you are doing the right thing? “My sources confirmed that Harry was deeply hurt and offended by Williams’ question.” Harry felt that William rejected his relationship with Meghan from the start, “my source said.” That never changed, it only got worse . “For more royal news delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to our daily newsletter. William and Harry seem to have interpreted Princess Diana’s counsel very differently. William and Harry seemingly internalized Diana’s advice to take the time to find the right person and marrying differently for love. William and Kate Middleton started dating at university and were together for eight years before they got engaged. Harry and Meghan were in their thirties when they met and dated for two years before getting married . “Harry set out to marry for love at all costs, while William took his mother’s words r took it very seriously and took the time to make sure the royal life would suit Catherine and that she would fit in well with the family, “said a royal insider. “As a future king, love and duty were equally important to him.” For more information on William’s future as king, see Can the Monarchy Survive Without Queen Elizabeth? Any glimmer of hope of reconciliation between William and Harry has now been dashed. Lacey – whose book, Battle of Brothers: William & Harry, tells of their intricate relationship – told Best Life in October that there was hope that the year-long review of the Sandringham Summit, originally intended for the next was planned, planned was month, “could produce some kind of reconciliation.” However, according to another royal source, the Sussexes’ early decision to finalize their separation from the royal family in such a public way and their plans to air an interview full of bombshell revelations to a worldwide audience made it “impossible anytime soon . ” For more facts about her mother, see Here’s the Truth Behind the Biggest Myths About Princess Diana. Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Their Style.


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