There is often talk of short engagements that lead to long-term marriages. When you know, you just know. This theory certainly holds true for Lila and Mitchell Malone. It was only a blind date and a weekend trip to Port Aransas three months later before the couple realized they actually knew about the rest of their lives together.

Lila, a native of San Antonio, and Mitchell, new to Houston and serving as Head Design Associate and Project Manager for Creative Tonic Design, met for dinner at Hugo’s 2015 on a steamy July evening. By the end of the evening, Lila knew this relationship was a no-brainer. Three months later, on a weekend trip to Port Aransas, surrounded by gentle waves and colorful sunsets rooted in Lila’s childhood, the couple realized it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

“We fell in love this weekend. I knew he wanted to marry me. There was no option, ”said Lila. “My mother grew up in Port Aransas and we spent the summer there. I knew we would get married there. “

This island, home to so many childhood memories, became the next chapter of Lila’s adulthood, and she and her mother, Bonnie Chumbley, also a designer, went to work to create a vibrant, fun, and meaningful festival. The mother-daughter duo took advantage of the island’s natural assets for decor and design, adding their own touch, from tabletops to flowers.

“My mom is the most creative person I know, so we just picked that up right away,” said Lila. “We were having fun and a feeling of less is more. We had these beautiful palm trees, sand dunes and the beach all around us so we worked with that. “

There were no specific clothing instructions on the wedding invitation, but the couple’s friends and family knew them well enough to avoid the LBD and the celebration in bold, tropical prints suitable for a Texas beach wedding in May, to give their own personality.

One look at the couple’s wedding pictures and happiness is contagious, but take a closer look and there are special moments captured in the film to honor the memories of Lila’s brother and Mitchell’s mother. The couple opted for a splendid confetti release to include in their day.

“They were fireworks in our lives, with personalities lighting up a room. It was an ode to her and my favorite moment of the weekend, ”said Lila.

A delicious wedding highlight were lobster enchiladas from Lisabella’s Bistro & Bar in Port Aransas. The restaurant is owned by family friends and brought the dish back at Lila’s request. It was one of those little touches that made a big impact.

“At the end of the day it was Port Aransas. We made it fun and beautiful, right where we were, ”said Lila.

If you know, you just know.

• Venue for the rehearsal dinner: The Tarpon Inn

• Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Hand-painted purple dress found in a small boutique in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

• Receiving location: Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Course

• Place of the ceremony: Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Course

• Photographer: Matthew Alvarado, Photography Beloved

• Florist: Ray Brione’s flowers

• Dress: Watters

• Shoes: J. Crew

• • Groom Tuxedos: J. Crew

• Wedding planner: Wedding Planner Inc. Robin Waters for the logistics on the wedding day

• DJ: band – Dysfunkshun Junkshun

• Ceremonial music: John Amundsen, son of a family friend

• Cocktail hour music: Dysfunkshun Junkshun


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