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She was on cloud nine after releasing her directorial debut, Rare Beasts.

And Billie Piper showed off a beloved display with boyfriend Johnny Lloyd after sharing on Instagram the fun snaps they took in a photo booth on Monday.

The couple, who began their first relationship in 2017, shared a kiss in one of the fun snaps as Johnny praised the actress after the long-awaited release of her passion project.

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In the snapshot collection, Billie and Johnny did a few funny poses before leaning over for a kiss.

Clearly, Johnny was proud of his girlfriend after the release of Rare Beasts, which was shown at the Everyman Broadgate Theater on Friday, and was entitled, “What a Week ❤️ #rarebeasts.”

The former frontman of The Tribes also joined Billie at last week’s red carpet gala screening of the film that starred Jenna Coleman and Emilia Clarke.

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Billie directed and starred as the single mom Mandy in Rare Beasts, who navigated her failed love affair with Pete [Leo Bill].

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The star’s character is believed to be a modern woman in crisis who is also trying to raise her son Larch (Toby Woolf) amid a female revolution.

Mandy is also seen relieving the pain of her parents’ separation when she encounters a troubled man, Pete, searching for belonging and “restored” male identity.

Rare Beasts was written in 2012 when Billie was pregnant with their second son Eugene, whom she shares with her ex-husband Laurence Fox.

And although the “anti-romantic comedy” premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2019, it was only now released on May 21st.


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Billie previously explained how her thoughts on the film have changed since she first worked, saying she now sees it as “what it costs to be a woman” and feels a bit like “a mental health journey.”

The Doctor Who star split from husband Laurence Fox in 2016 after nine years of marriage. They share two sons, Winston (12) and Eugene (9).

She and Johnny are now parents to daughter Tallulah, who was born in January 2019.

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