If you’re trying to save on the dreaded wedding budget, a photo booth might be one of the first things to do.

“What does a photo booth bring in the age of Instagram?” I hear you cry The point: good, old-fashioned, unfiltered fun.

Posing in a silly wig and comedy after a couple of glasses of wedding bubbles is often a highlight of the evening’s celebrations. Here are four awesome options to hopefully convince you of a photo booth.

Mr. Bowmans

Mr. Bowman’s has a range of budget-friendly photo booth options as well as DJs, cute carts, donut walls (what do you mean you don’t have a donut wall?), And even event decorations. If you’re just looking for a photo booth, the standard four hour package is £ 425, which includes personalized graphics to use on your pictures. Props like wigs, hats, and silly glasses; a guest book; and a USB of all the pictures from the night.

BUT why stop with a photo booth? For their £ 650 “Batwing” package, customers get a popcorn machine and a sweet cart for 100 guests. If you’re feeling particularly red, opt for the £ 1,400 “Club Round” package, which includes a (finished?) Bonus DJ, photo booth, sweet cart for 150, popcorn or cotton candy machine and a donut wall, all for five hours.

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The helpful, friendly team from Essex will also recommend other suppliers they know and trust. A perfect one-stop shop for the busy bridal couple who want to keep things simple – and at the same time bring fun to their event.

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Photo booth guys

For people who may not be willing to give up social media, the Photo Booth Guys are the company for you. They use beautiful vintage-look photo booths made in Australia that are also very clever technologically. Of course you can opt for the standard packages which include a custom frame, props, digital web gallery, and travel / transportation inside the M25 (handy!) Which start at £ 495 + VAT for three hours. But for a little extra you can have “Instaprinta” – where you upload your photo booth snap to Instagram with the event hashtag and it will be printed a moment later.

There is also a GIF booth that puts a series of images together into a short clip that repeats itself over and over again. Wedding and a GIF? It is a millennium dream.



Try not to get too excited, but this photo booth comes with a wind machine. That’s right, you can let go of your inner Beyoncé and get that flawless, windswept look to really turn your photo booth snaps from fun to violent. Perhaps the most traditional of the four, the snaptcha booths still have GIF capabilities and a video message recording service. With prices starting at £ 399 for three hours of props, unlimited prints (either photo strip or postcard style), and a USB stick of all the pictures, this company has an affordable stand with a range of fun extras to keep your guests more than amused.

London lightbox

Perhaps one of the most beautiful photo booths will come via the London Lightbox, whose obscura is elegant and chic and is available in three colors or “skins”. Or you can get one made-to-measure for your occasion. All of their obscuras are virtually plastic-free, which makes them a great choice for eco-conscious couples. Users take a picture and then upload it to Facebook or Twitter, or email it to themselves for Instagram. Don’t worry, they’ll put the correct #weddinghashtag in the label. And you can keep track of your social media traffic if that is your mood. If you’re old-fashioned and want to print, the super-fast Obscuras print in seven seconds … faster than online.


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