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There are many ways to make a wedding, rehearsal dinner, or engagement party fun, but a photo booth rental is interactive and suitable for all ages. It’s a favorite pastime that never goes out of style. Everyone loves photo strips, keepsake pictures, or silly GIFs – even better when it comes to cute props. In this way, guests of all ages can be addressed and memories can be created that differ from those of standard photography. The trend has only gained momentum as innovators have found increasingly creative ways to take unique and exciting photos.

While it is possible to spend a lot of money on expert-staffed photo booths, there are solutions that will not weigh on your budget. The best photo booths rent out accessibility with plenty of options in the background, adding logos and of course high quality lighting that ensures all guests look as beautiful as they like to do. Here are our top tips.

Best Photo Booth Rentals of 2021

Final verdict

Photo booth rentals are an exciting, interactive way to spice up any event, wedding, or other affair. They come in many forms, from vintage-style photo booths that you find in an arcade and trendy bar, to converted VW buses and simple camera stands with circular lights. Within the standard options there are usually many ways to customize the look with logos, backgrounds and props. The most versatile luxury option is SleekBoothNYC with its hyper-professional photography and dynamic accessories. When the Happy Camper Photo Bus goes to an outdoor event, it is guaranteed to add extra shine. Photo booths manned by Photomatica operators are the first choice as they are the best option for large city weddings that want beautiful and fun pictures of their guests. For price-conscious customers, Booth By Demand offers incredible value for money with a slight DIY vibe. And if you do handicrafts all by yourself, have an iPad and want to save a lot of money, opt for the Simple Booth app.

frequently asked Questions

Are photo booths worth it?

If you’re someone who loves photos, dresses up, takes selfies, and poses with friends then a photo booth is definitely worth the money. It’s a much better way to get selfies and memorabilia from a spectacular event, and personalization is exciting for many. Guests always love it, and as the host, it’s always fun looking back through all the footage to remember all of the fun friends and family you had during your big night.

How much does it cost to rent Photo Booths?

Photo booth rentals come in a variety of prices: just a few hundred dollars and up to $ 1,200 or $ 1,500. Depending on what you want – like prints or no prints – it can get pricey, but it’s also possible to find cheaper options that are just as fun to shoot.

Can I create my own photo booth?

It is possible to create your own photo booth. To do this, you need an iPad (phones are not so ideal) and an app. There are some that are free, but Simple Booth is our pick for the best version. You can find inspiration on Pinterest, from weddings on Brides.com, and in magazines. Also check out party stores for props.

How we picked the best photo booth rentals

We searched for the best photo booth rental services that serve a wide range of potential clients geographically and at various prices. As there are many local independent photo booth companies out there, we have made an effort to highlight companies that serve more than one city or location. We also looked for photo booths with unique themes, props, and setups.


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