You’d probably have trouble thinking of a wedding or party that you attended recently that didn’t have a photo booth or magic mirror. The main reason is that they are so much fun. The more traditional oval photo booths have been around for a few years and people know exactly what to do. As long as the booth is set up on time, all people have to do is choose a prop and start posing. The newer “magic mirrors” are also very easy to use. They tell you what to do on the screen so you can’t go wrong.

Besides the ease of use of the photo booths, there are other reasons people keep renting them for weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, engagements, etc.

All night entertainment …… With a wide range of props to choose from, all of your guests have plenty of reasons to use the photo booth all night long. After all, a wedding reception is a big celebration, so have fun.

Gives everyone the opportunity to do a pose…. Photo Booth Hire Surrey is typically hired for evening entertainment and evening guests typically arrive. Not everyone would have had the opportunity to take a picture with the bride or groom during the day, and by the time evening came the professional photographer went home. The photo booths and magic mirrors all use professional DSLR cameras and so deliver a professional quality photo, albeit with silly props.

Gives everyone something to take away …… the wedding couple will have a number of photos from the day, from the professional photographer and all guests. Most photo booth wedding packages also include a guest book where the couple receives a copy of all the stills from the evening. All guests also have the opportunity to take away a fun, loving memory of a great day and evening.

The enjoyment factor of a photo booth is obvious and obvious with every function that uses it. When renting a booth from a company like My Fun Photo Booth, all you have to do is decide on one type. Take a close look at the groups of people who have come for your big day and decide whether a photo booth or magic mirror is best for you.


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