A wedding at the Garden Grove Event Center.

Bride and groom at dragonfly wedding venue in mistress.

Dragonfly 2

The dance floor at the Dragonfly Wedding Venue in Herrin.

Dragonfly 3

Bride and bridesmaids in Mistress Dragonfly wedding venue.

Dragonfly 4

Dancing at the wedding venue of the dragonfly in mistress.

After the wedding season that has probably been going up and down in the recent past, the local event planners are looking forward to a normal or – fingers crossed – booming wedding season.

Anna Perez, venue manager / wedding coordinator at Herrins Dragonfly Wedding Venue, said last year was the company’s first wedding season for four seasons. Then COVID-19 struck and threw all plans to the wind. This year will be the first, said Perez.

Dragonfly offers more than the average wedding venue. Perez said couples are thrilled with the availability of weekend rentals – with a home and other accommodations on-site, they won’t have to leave the facility once they’re settled in for their big day.

“Couples don’t have to run marathons on their wedding anniversary,” said Perez. She looks forward to helping couples finally have their weddings this year.

With the chaos of the past year, many companies took the opportunity to upgrade. Some restaurants have renovated the floors or upgraded their dining rooms. The same thing happened with some wedding venues.

“We added something every year,” said Perez. This year, that little extra was the dragonfly’s groom’s room – a place the grooms and their best friends and brothers could hang out before the ceremony.


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