Australian photographers have won grand prizes in a number of categories at the International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards.

The highest-scoring entry at this year’s International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards came from Perth photographer James Simmons. © James Simmons.

The big winner of this year’s competition was Perth photographer James Simmons, who won the grand prize in the Black & White category as well as the highest scoring image of all submissions with the image above. The photo was taken after the wedding ceremony in an architectural location with rectangular columns dividing the space. “This shot was taken on the corner of a pillar,” explained Simmons, “and was initially a portrait of Lisa standing on the dark side to reveal her stunningly detailed dress and back-lighting her veil. Her husband James was pretty close and gave her something to watch. As I shot and framed, James’ silhouette crept in. The ying yang symbol immediately came to mind and later when I refined the image in PS the King & Queen checkerboard design was also an influence that visually worked well. “

Victorian photographer Eric Ronald won the top honors for a wedding album, while Queenslander Keegan Cronin won the still picture award. New Zealander Coralee Johnstone won first prize for the bridal party photo. The winning images can be viewed on the International Wedding Photographer of the Year website.


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