Andrew Kwon with his debut collection of wedding dresses

Haifa Olsen

The Korean-American designer Andrew Kwon made a name for himself at the tender age of 25. Luxury Education Foundation (LEF) Scholarship Recipient; Finalist in the Supima Design Competition 2019; Inventor of the Thesis Collection, on display at both NYFW and PFW and proudly displayed in the lavish windows by Neiman Marcus and adorned by Game of Thrones starlet Nathalie Emmanuel for the cover story of Nylon; A graduate of the mecca of creativity and style – the Parsons School of Design – Kwon certainly knows a thing or two about collecting titles. If you haven’t heard from him, it’s because his academically recognized talent has largely been retained in the scientific fashion world. Until now. Taking a bold move on Valentine’s Day, Kwon is definitely no longer a secret of the fashion institutes: his first bridal collection called “Collection 1: Reminiscence” brought a range of feminine yet modern designs to market dedicated to pandemic brides.

Surprisingly, Mode wasn’t Kwon’s first major at Parsons. “I studied architecture and interior design as a freshman and I absolutely loved the way buildings look. I loved the facade – I love beautiful things. “Kwon tells me. But the technical side didn’t click in the same way on him. Kwon quickly realized that it was hard to see how his design would come to life in these areas and that he had to decide whether to switch to fashion all day. Given that he graduated a year later than expected and felt nervous about his choice of direction, Kwon said it was the support of the most important people in his life that gave him the confidence to go that path and traditions to break.

Andrew Kwon debuts his first collection of wedding dresses called “Reminiscence”

Haifa Olsen

It seems the choice paid off. “I heard people tell me how great my design was.” Kwon remembers. “I see fashion as a way for individuals to build trust for themselves. It’s about making dreams and fantasies come true. “Kwon’s inspiration came from his stylish mother, who used fashion as a means of building confidence in difficult times. “And I want to do that for other women. Now. “Says Kwon.

“I want to push the boundaries of couture craftsmanship with modern practicality.” Kwon explains his goal of combining intricate embellishments, a couture-like fit and the luxurious feel of carefully selected fabrics. Kwon’s inaugural collection also pays homage to his small Colorado town as he plans to dedicate the pieces to those brides whose only red carpet event in their life may just be their wedding anniversary. “So every girl can experience this subtle moment in her life – combine the essential with the everyday, especially during this pandemic.”

When asked why the collection is called “Reminiscence,” Kwon tells me that the name represents all the memories related to how he created and sketched the designs, and notes not just from his last two collections, but also turns his love for Greek mythology, for emotional yet dramatic music that he likes to have in the background when he designs it, and for visually breathtaking moments that happen to come to mind, like Queen’s Gambit or figure skating. “I have so much on my mind!” The designer of the same name says with a chuckle.

Andrew Kwon with a model wearing his bridal pant suit design

Andrew Kwon debuts his first collection of wedding dresses called “Reminiscence”

Haifa Olsen

The collection is feminine, delicate and yet has a super woman tone. One can expect a number of different designs that reflect Kwon’s understanding of bridal fashion: soft opulence in elegantly gathered tulle and delicate floral embellishments; flirtatious appeal in super-thin spaghetti straps and strategically placed lace materials; Show-stop drama in the sensational crowded rock that has quickly become a Kwon classic. The collection does not follow the popular trend of emphasizing a female body to the utmost, but instead enhances the refined feminine charm through the clever use of draperies, torches, semi-transparent panels and girlish but breathtaking veils. “I don’t want to experiment too much.” Despite his love of modern designs, Kwon isn’t the one to push a colored dress as part of his bridal collection. “I want the brides to feel attractive and yet comfortable.”

In a world where fashion brands often move to cheaper locations, Kwon insists that all pieces be developed in his Manhattan studio and, most importantly, made locally in the heart of New York’s Garment District. “It is expensive to do things in the city, but I am confident that I will find the best there.”

Although Kwon has received countless compliments for his work and has mingled in the most dazzling social settings he calls work (he counts Olivia Palermo as a close friend and support network), he remains gracious and wide-eyed by the fashion industry that embraced him such ease that is seen unusually. He thinks his experiences and friendships that he has made in recent years are “incredible” and still cannot believe that he was lucky enough to receive not only prizes but also kindness from many.

Kwon is at the beginning of his career and has big plans for his future. Bride isn’t the only project on his desk. In his internship with Marchesa and Vera Wang, lavish design is etched deep into Kwon’s DNA and he is downright passionate about red carpet clothes. However, he also hopes to one day have a diffusion line that will give women the opportunity to put on his beautiful and luscious pieces every day at affordable prices.

Andrew Kwon’s “Reminiscence” bridal collection has a price range of $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. Inquiries can be made through its official website.


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