All Nippon Airways Co. (ANA) will be offering wedding ceremonies on board Boeing 777-300ER jets from May, which are normally used for international flights and airport wedding receptions.

Up to 30 people can attend a wedding ceremony.

While ANA does not offer the usual in-flight meals as part of the wedding service, it does offer live music. Cabin attendants would also read congratulatory messages as if they were in-flight announcements.

The wedding service costs 1,555,000 yen including tax. Combined with a reception, the price would be 3 million yen.

The new wedding service is only available for three days in May and six days in June, but can be offered in the months based on the other flight schedules.

The airline, which has to bear the cost of aircraft maintenance even when the planes are not in service, is trying to bring in as much extra money as possible during the pandemic.

It also offers services such as domestic flights and meals on grounded aircraft.

The planes have been grounded due to the slump in air traffic amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


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