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Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha were due to get married in April of this year.

Actor Ali Fazal prayed for the good of everyone at the Eid-ul-Fitr festival and delighted his fans with a “photo booth moment” with his girlfriend Richa Chadha. The actor welcomed his fans with oath two days after the festival. Ali Fazal shared an adorable picture with Richa Chadha and explained in a long Instagram post what he had done on the day of the festival.

“Sorry, eat dafa Eid pe daal nahi paaya kuchh … Ramzaan was a very thoughtful month and Eid prayed for everyone and I mean everyone. So … that took time. Love is not that easy … haaaaa. ok so here is a photobooth moment from “yeh dekho hum log eid manaaya. Abhi humpose degaaa. Eid waala. Eid waala, how are you? Get better. We love you, “wrote Ali Fazal on Instagram.

“Uske baad hum meditate kiya .. bahut tagda waala .. aisa ray of sunlight bhejaaa. Kyuke sabka light dim aur tunnel dark ho gaye hai .. toh haan where that’s done on the search button on your insta page, 10 rupaye ki lag Gayi, ek Post toh Milega Wahaaaan … love and light from us to you .. fade out. Fade in, sound … camera .. action .. Phirse – sorry, eat dafa Eid pe daal nahi paaya kuchh ….. .. @therichachadha, “he added.

Ali and Richa were supposed to get married in April of this year. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, their wedding has been postponed indefinitely pending further announcement. In an interview, when asked about their new wedding date, the Fukrey actor said they would celebrate with the world when everything was open again.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Ali said, “It has been delayed until further notice. I think we will celebrate with the world when everything is open again. We have something to celebrate … hopefully some good news that everyone and us will get.” I’ll make sure we bring that with our wedding. Until then, we will follow all the blocking rules and wait for the next steps (sic). “


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