A mysterious new dinky door has arrived in Cambridge and this time a photo booth for little people.

For those who want a first look at the new street art, it’s located somewhere on Mill Road Bridge and was installed there in the early hours of the morning (Tuesday, March 30th). Another well-known Cambridge artist has already discovered the new door and has left its own mark.

Dinky Doors new door to a photo booth on the Mil Road Bridge in Cambridge. Image: Keith Heppell. (45703225)

The anonymous artists behind Dinky Doors told the Cambridge Independent that as part of their mission to save the world, they must locate their Supreme Leader, who crashed his UFO in front of the Museum of Technology and has been missing ever since …

Dinky Doors is back with a purpose built workshop and can be seen at the workbench creating a new Dinky Door that will soon be released in Cambridge. Image: Keith Heppell. (45703237)

Dinky Doors said, “We’re sure you need to update your passport photo. That’s why we created the Fotodinkymat for you. Hopefully they will give us some new directions for saving the world. ”

To help their tiny leader find the photo dinkymat, Dinky Doors has hidden five tiny posters around town.

If you have a picture of any of these, visit dinkydoors.co.uk.

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