The Photo Guestbook offers supporters the ability to visit a creator’s link in Bio, take a photo, and send it to a public or private photo album stored in the creator’s profile. The new template offers customers and top fans a fun way to grab a creator’s attention and connect with them directly. In Photo Guestbook, backers with branded frames can create custom frames around a creator’s photo, while the Selfie Guestbook allows backers to connect with the creators and their community by taking a selfie and sharing it in a creator’s guestbook and lastly support With a cause, creators can create a photo album where users can show their support for any initiative they have started.

The innovative feature can be added to a Koji profile link in bio or shared as a standalone link in any social media post. Creators have the option to add a cover photo by uploading a photo from their personal camera roll or choosing from the thousands of images available in the Koji Asset Packs and then adding a description indicating which photos backers should post. The creators have full control over what is approved and published, and can also make a guestbook public or private, which only the creator has access to when the album is set to private.

Photo Guestbook is just one of the hundreds of add-ons available in the Koji App Store for us in Koji’s profile or any link in Bio-Tool. More are published daily. Koji profiles are free to use and highly customizable. Koji Profiles allow developers and influencers of the passion economy to customize their link-in bio profiles to their unique styles by editing colors, text, layout, video backgrounds, links, buttons, highlights, and also easily integrating with the customizable minis -Apps called Kojis.

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Koji is the world’s most powerful link in bio tool. Hundreds of new add-ons to customize and monetize are available in their new tool Appstore for social media. The company’s Link In Bio profiles are used by a rapidly growing community of developers and innovators to engage audiences on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and other platforms.


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