It’s hard to believe, but by this time last year, chances were you didn’t go to many weddings or multiple weddings were postponed until this year. I recently attended the wedding of some of my children’s friends (well, I also know the bride and groom, I met them through their friendship with Triston, Kalee, and Bailey). Planning your wedding and choosing the perfect venue can be quite overwhelming. Let’s face it, there are literally hundreds of options just in Billings without counting the thousands more across the state. Whether you are having a small wedding with just a few guests or a large wedding and expecting hundreds of guests, it is absolutely essential to have a venue that suits your personality and style.

The wedding I attended recently was held at Oscar’s Park on Wise Road. I haven’t been out there in a few years. I had been there for an outdoor event but never for a wedding. I was blown away by how peaceful and beautiful it was. My niece got married at Swift River Ranch last July, and that was an amazing facility too. From furnishings and decor to food and drink, many of these venues offer everything as part of their fee. There are places where you can decorate and cater for yourself and just use the bar or even provide the drink yourself. Whatever you choose when it comes to your big day, make sure it is what you want and make it a memory that will last a lifetime.

7 beautiful wedding venues in Billings and Montana

Here are 7 beautiful wedding venues in Billings and Montana

7 celebrity weddings in Montana

There are many celebrities who have recently visited Montana, and sure there are lists of celebrities who have made their homes here, but what about the celebrities planning their special day at Big Sky State? Here’s a list of celebrity weddings that took place in Montana, as well as one that we’re not sure about and that had to relocate.


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