Pictures are an important part of every wedding day, especially for your guests. So there is no better way to help your loved ones remember your wedding than with a DIY photo booth. “Photo booths are a great activity or form of entertainment for guests,” says photography expert Jessi Vance. “Not everyone is a great dancer, and a photo booth allows guests to take part in a different activity.” But while booths are a hit at most weddings, they can be expensive and often consume a large chunk of your wedding budget. There comes the cunning, creative way. “My best advice to someone trying to create their own photo booth station on a budget is that if the scenery looks nice, the rest of the things will fit. With a nice, well-lit setting, guests could just have a friend take a cell phone photo “explains Vance. “Couples can use a distinctive wall of the venue as a backdrop, work with the florist to create a backdrop, or pre-tinker one with their wedding reception as a fun group activity.” To ensure guests have access to their own mini-shoots during the festivities, we’ve put together the best of materials to create your own DIY photo booth station and save money along the way.

Meet the expert

Jessi Vance is the owner of Tomfoolery Photobooth and a photography specialist with over 10 years of experience. She is also the lead photographer and stylist for Minted.

Regardless of how you choose to have guests take their own pictures, whether it’s selfie sticks or disposable cameras, or whether you enlist the help of a professional, every idea ensures that guests are entertained, well-photographed and buzz about your creative photo booth long after the wedding.


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