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Spoiler alert: there is no perfect age to get married. Whether you found your soulmate early or later in life, all that matters is that you can say, “I do!” However, if you consider yourself an older bride, you may be wondering what should (or shouldn’t!) Be wearing down in the hallway.

However, the options for wedding gowns for older brides are endless! Regardless of age, the style is personal and unique to everyone, and therefore what goes perfectly together for some may feel uncomfortable for others. In other words, just because you’re no longer in your twenties doesn’t mean a stiff, ultra-conservative dress is okay. On the contrary! Feel free to incorporate design elements into your bridal look that you have always focused on.

Be bold with a unique neckline, go classic with a simple silhouette, or have fun with a mini – because age doesn’t mean anything when it comes to bridal wear. It’s your big day after all!

There are 26 stunning wedding dresses for older brides ahead of us, proving that age is just a number.

Shopping FAQs

As an older bride, do you shop for wedding dresses? We have answered three frequently asked questions.

  • Can I wear white for my second wedding? Of course! A bride traditionally wears white to the wedding, however some brides wear colored dresses in the aisle.
  • Should Older Brides Wear Veils? As with any choice of bridal fashion, the decision whether to wear a veil or not is entirely up to the bride. If a bride doesn’t want to wear a veil, she can wear a fascinator, headband, or other accessory in the aisle – or nothing at all!
  • Can I wear a wedding dress to renew my vow? Yes, brides can wear wedding dresses to renew their vows. Before choosing a wedding dress to renew your vows, consider the style, venue, and dress code for the event.


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