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Vera Wang dress; Photo by Samm Blake

Who says the bride has to be dressed in white – or even a dress? Weddings today are not a cookie cutter and neither are they brides. Non-traditional wedding dresses, minis, suits and overalls still scream bride and we say I do.

Are you thinking of wearing a non-traditional look in the aisle? Let this be your sign to be brave and break the “rules”. Color, sheen, separates, floral prints, feathers, organza, and tulle are all fashionable options to consider for your big day – and none of your guests are going to be expecting them! Modern brides are dropping classic white wedding dresses and choosing more funky styles for their wedding day look.

In advance, we have summarized our 26 favorite non-traditional wedding dresses for the bride who wants to make a statement at her wedding.

Shopping FAQs

Are you considering a non-traditional wedding dress? Here are the answers to questions brides always ask when shopping for an offbeat dress.

  • Do I have to wear white on my wedding day? No! While white is a bridal tradition, it is definitely not a rule.
  • What are the most popular colors as a bride other than white? Some of the most popular alternatives to white are champagne, blush, red, blue, and black – but you can wear any color you want. We also love it when brides wear patterns in the aisle too!
  • What can I wear to a wedding besides a dress? If clothes are just not your thing, choose a stylish jumpsuit, a chic suit or a top and skirt set.


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