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Blazer dresses fall into the “Best-of-Both-Worlds” category of wedding day style. As the name suggests, they have the hem of a dress (perfect to hit the dance floor with a statement shoe) and the classic tailoring of your favorite jacket silhouette. In addition, it is a fashion option that can appeal to all types of future brides.

Think of the blazer dress – sometimes called a tuxedo dress – as a modern style for non-traditional or less formal affairs. For those who have already decided on a dress for the big day, blazer dresses are also good for after parties, welcome dinners, weddings in the town hall or a flirty look for your bachelorette party.

The 25 sharp options with lapels all have clear silhouettes and yet interpret the hybrid clothing design in a unique way with lace, embellishments and deep necklines. Find the one that suits your taste in advance.

Shopping FAQs

Are you considering a blazer dress for your wedding? We’ve answered three common questions brides have when shopping for this style of clothing.

  • What is a blazer dress? Blazer dresses or similar tuxedo dresses are a hybrid design that includes classic tailor-made details such as lapels and single- or double-breasted buttons.
  • What kind of wedding does a blazer dress require? Ultimately, the decision is personal, but you could consider a short, tailored dress for an untraditional or less formal affair. You can also opt for a blazer dress for an after party or other wedding event.
  • Is a blazer dress just an oversized blazer? Not necessarily. Many blazer dresses fit as well as a dress and feature elegant details such as lace linings, decorative buttons and waist sashes.


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