The sun is finally shining and the 30 guest rule for weddings is about to be lifted (June 21st, we’re so glad you’re almost here), so what better way to celebrate your summer wedding than with one short wedding dress?

According to LYST, bridal mini dress searches have increased 170% and that’s more than enough to take notice. Not only is it the perfect length for warmer climes (say goodbye to layers of tulle and overheating), but a short wedding dress is the ultimate statement if you are a modern bride. Nobody ever expects it, it sure is an offbeat statement and you can wear it again if you want.

We already have the best boho wedding dresses, maternity wedding dresses, and high street wedding dresses for all year round, but short wedding dresses are a completely different ball game. Trust us when we say there are some stunning designs out there that will make you feel confident and look elegant while above the knee.

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We’re not blaming you for only having one type of dress to choose from for your big day (usually floor-length and made of chiffon, satin or lace), but in fact there are tons of alternatives that will show off your individuality and fit They perfectly match your theme and your decoration. There’s no reason why you can’t go to your girlfriends in their short bridesmaid dresses and wear a shorter hem yourself.

You want to look good for all of your wedding photos – especially after a year of loungewear – after all, the pictures will stay on your coffee table for the rest of your life. Even so, you want everyone to know that you are the bride and that you won’t be out in the races for a day. So comes the difficult task of finding the perfect balance between elegant / not too glamorous / practical for the heat.

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To help you and tick one other thing off your pre-wedding to-do list, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular short wedding dresses to cater to a wide variety of tastes, from stores like ASOS, Net-A-Porter, John Lewis and Selfridges.

If you’re looking for something short and cute, check out this ASOS Edition Gigi Lace mini dress (PSA: ASOS just opened a wedding shop for all of your bridal needs) or if you’re looking for a figure-hugging alternative then this Lauren Ralph Lauren Darian dress is ideal. But if you’re in the mood for more drama and volume then check out this Carolina Herrera beauty. You will look stunning no matter what you choose.

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