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If you’ve always dreamed of escaping to a country house in your flowing dress with billowing sleeves and hair blowing in the wind, the cottage core aesthetic runs through your veins. While it sounds dreamy leaving everything behind to live on the farm, the logistics could be a little more complicated.

Instead of changing your entire lifestyle, we recommend channeling your inner Laura Ingalls on the most photographed day of your life. Enter: Cottagecore Wedding Dresses. Cottagecore dresses are a romanticized variant of clothing worn in rural areas and exude the feeling of living in a rustic retreat or a remote landscape.

Before us, 20 cottagecore wedding dresses that are romantic enough to make it in the country, yet modern enough to compliment any less than rural lifestyle.

Shopping FAQs

Would you like to hug Cottagecore? We’ve answered three common questions future brides have when shopping for this wedding dress trend.

  • Who can wear cottagecore? Someone! Cottagecore is a universal trend that can apply to all body types, budgets and venues.
  • What shoes do you wear with a cottagecore wedding dress? It all depends on the style of the dress and your wedding venue. However, with this trend, you can wear heels, strappy sandals, and even wedges.
  • Are cottage core wedding dresses suitable for black tie weddings? Naturally! You can embellish this trend by focusing on luxury fabrics and floor length dresses to make it feel more formal.


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