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We may be under control in winter, but it’s never too early to start planning for summer. This is especially true for weddings, be it this summer or summer 2022 or beyond! Getting married outside will bring nature into your ceremony, create an integrative space for old and new traditions, and it becomes easy to get creative with decorations. Whether by the water, on historic grounds or in the midst of beautiful plants, here are some suggestions for you outside wedding in Nova Scotia.

Beavercreek winery

Beavercreek winery is relatively new to the wedding game, starting in 2014, but they have quickly established themselves as a wonderful wedding venue. The outdoor venue is covered (perfect for the changeable Nova Scotian weather), and the ceremony itself takes place in their pergola, which is a close relative of my favorite building, the pavilion. So that’s a big plus in my book. There are two bars available for the venue, one for drinks and one for a candy bar, which is one of the best things I have ever heard of. The winery itself has lots of lovely photo ops, especially because it’s not just growing grapes – there are 21 types of fruit wine, so you have a variety of gorgeous wedding photos outdoors!

Where: 496 Carleton Road, Lawrencetown; 902-825-9463s

Fox Harb’r Resort

Fox Harb’r Resort is one of the biggest names for luxury getaways in Nova Scotia and of course has a similar reputation for wonderful weddings. They have spa packages, a wide variety of catering options, activities like kayaking, golf, and swimming, and a hands-on team of wedding professionals. You can personalize your wedding day (and the days before and after) with no worries in the world. Black tie or casual, outside or inside, large guest list or an elopement, you can celebrate your dream wedding here.

Where: 1337 Fox Harbor Road, Fox Harbor; 1-866-257-1801

Fox Harb’r Resort

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

What’s the old saying, everything is fair in love and war? The Halifax Citadel is a historic landmark and the views and backdrops of the 19th century fortress make it a unique place to start your future together. The outdoor weddings on Paradeplatz can accommodate up to 1,000 guests (so you don’t need to cross anyone off your guest list!), Or you can move the reception for Citadel’s own catering inside. You can have your wedding photos taken in all of the historical splendor of the fortress (though I think you’ll need to bring your own kilt).

Where: Citadel Hill, Halifax; 902-426-5080

Hatfield Farm

Rustic weddings are a great way to focus on the day Hatfield Farm offers this while at the same time providing modern conveniences. Your outdoor wedding ceremonies are held in their pavilion (!!!!!) but you can move in if the weather turns bad. There are tons of cool photo opportunities, the food is taken care of and they even have their own minister and DJ. Guests can spend the night in the dormitories or huts so that you can all have breakfast together in the morning before people head home.

Where: 1840 Hammonds Plains Road; 901-835-5676

Inverary Resort

The shores of the Bras D’Or lakes are some of the most picturesque in Cape Breton (and that says a lot). If you are planning a wedding there, the Inverary Resort is ready to welcome you. With the lakes as the backdrop, get married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, feast and dance all night. The Inverary is also a great place for your out of town guests as well as for yourself on a low profile honeymoon in Baddeck. Try Tom’s Pizza, it’s delicious!

Where: 368 Shore Road, Baddeck; 1-800-565-5660

Digby Pines Resort and Spa

Your wedding can take place in one day, but with rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, and entertaining guests coming from out of town, it helps to have a location that has options for all of this. The Digby Pines Resort is more than capable of providing entertainment for the entire wedding experience, including a farewell brunch and an on-site wedding coordinator. Your guests can enjoy the spa or golf course (or both), the cuisine is Nova Scotian and delicious, and the photo ops are everywhere. And if you’re leaning towards a smaller wedding, even an escape, they have plans for that too!

Where: 103 Shore Road, Digby; 1-800-667-4637

Keltic Lodge

Just past Cape Smokey from Inverary you will find that Keltic Lodge. You will have a water backdrop here too, but this is a cliff overlooking the ocean so it’s a different aesthetic. The wedding package includes everything from a choice of three outdoor ceremony venues, a fully staffed reception with excellent food, and overnight guest packages. With a spa and golf course on-site, and the lodge itself in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, there’s plenty to do before and after the wedding anniversary that makes the whole experience memorable for everyone.

Where: 383 Keltic In Road, Middle Head Peninsula, Ingonish Beach; 1-800-565-0444

Lane’s Privateer Inn

If you want to have a private themed wedding (aka pirates with an operating license) why not? Lane’s Privateer Inn? Located on the Mersey River, the inn offers both outdoor and indoor facilities (in case it rains) for ceremonies and receptions. And don’t worry, you don’t have to hold a pirate-themed wedding to attend. I’m just saying if this is an idea that you might like, this is the perfect place! There are rooms for out of town guests and the food is fantastic – it’s an ideal place for an intimate gathering.

Where: 27 Bristol Avenue, Liverpool; 902-354-3456 or 1-800-794-3332

Oak Island Resort

You value your relationship, why not get married with one of the world’s most famous treasure hunts as the backdrop? The Oak Island Resort is not on the island itself (which is a good thing given the press) but you have great views. There is plenty to do around the wedding day at the resort’s various leisure facilities. So this is a good place to consider whether you are planning a longer stay for the wedding reception or for guests in general. You have the choice of an outdoor location and the indoor area is ready for reception and any bad weather.

Where: 36 Treasure Drive, West Shore; 1-800-565 = 5-75

Oceanstone Seaside Resort

If you want a seaside wedding and have an intimate location in mind, Ocean stone is the place for you. They have on-site accommodations for up to 80 people and their cottages and rooms will delight you. They have a full wedding support staff and are able to help with any aspect of your big day. Oceanstone is one of my favorite places and I am sure your day at the seaside will be amazing if it is raining or shining.

Where: 8650 Peggy’s Cover Road, Port of India.

Rosewood on the Cove Cottages

For a small wedding with maximum privacy and comfort, visit Hubbards and the Rosewood on the Cove Cottages! Hubbards is a beautiful little town, and Rosewood on the Cove is right in the middle of it all (perfect for a wedding!). You can rent out the entire property so your guests can relax in comfort. Soak up the South Shore hospitality, head to the nearby beach, and if you’re looking for a more informal wedding dinner, the world famous Shore Club with its dance and lobster nights is within walking distance (even in fancy shoes, and I don’t say that frivolously.)

Where: 187 Shore Club Road, Hubbards; 902-857-2001

Star of the seabed and breakfast

Just a five minute drive outside of Halifax, the Star of the seabed & breakfast is overlooking Halifax Harbor and McNabs Island. This restored building from 1846 offers a cozy and peaceful retreat. It prides itself on being LGBT friendly so you can relax and enjoy your 50 guests (maximum) without worrying about the world. There’s a porch for rainy days, brambles to pick, and beautiful rooms to stay in so you don’t even have to make the wedding day drive.

Where: 4 York Redoubt Crescent, Fergusons Cove; 902-223-0140

Tangled garden

We did a few places by the water, how about some plant based beauty? The Tangled garden has several beautiful parts including a flower maze, an alley with sunflowers, a pond and much more. Your guests can explore the grounds while everything is set up, and you can hold your ceremony anywhere on the 5 acres of grounds. You can buy both savory and sweet jellies as wedding favors, take care of the catering, and enjoy all the photos you can take among the flowers.

Where: 11827 High 1, Grand Pré; 902-542-9811


Tangled garden

The Waegwoltic

The Waegwoltic Club is a beautiful place in the South End with a view of the Northwest Arm (no, I don’t understand either). Facilities include tennis courts, four pools, and a sandpit. The beautiful outdoor stone terrace is perfect for a party of up to 150 guests, and you can get married practically anywhere on the premises. I would personally recommend the terrace, however, as you can see the arm and be surrounded by summer green at the same time. Packages include buffet options, multi-course dinners, and chef-visited reception stations that offer a variety of options to meet almost any nutritional need.

Where: 6549 Coburg Road, Halifax; 902-429-2822

White Point Beach Resort

Ah, White point, one of the most classic wedding destinations in Nova Scotian. It makes sense – the grounds are beautiful, the beach is amazing, and it’s one of the most family-friendly destinations on the south coast. Ready to greet you on your special day, White Point offers a wide range of services and options for outdoor ceremonies, including weddings on the beach, in the water. That’s great! Visit the Unnies and make your wedding the perfect opportunity for your family and friends to relax and celebrate together.

Where: 757 White Point Beach Resort Road, White Point; 902-354-2711 or 1-800-565-5068

By: Adrienne Colborne

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