Pretty much every comedy series has a wedding, and it is usually eagerly awaited by fans, and there is a big run-up to many seasons of a show. This of course also means that there is a lot of love in the air – and a beautiful wedding dress that every favorite character from their favorite sitcom can wear.

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From Phoebe Buffay to Pam Beesley to Topanga Lawrence, there are sitcom weddings fans will never forget. Especially memorable are the dresses these lovable women wore when they tied the knot with their true love. It’s time to ponder some of the most beautiful clothes in sitcom history.

10 Becky (full house)

Full House Jesse and Becky wedding attire

Full House is possibly one of the most memorable weddings in sitcom history, celebrating the love between two lovable characters: Becky and Jesse. This show is definitely a little dated, but Becky’s dress was stunning then and still deserves some love today.

These two had the love story and the wedding of all dreams. Plus, there’s actually a lot more wedding dresses to love when fans hear the spin-off series Fuller House. Nothing is as unique and elegant as Becky’s full-sleeved dress with a stunning veil.

9 Kelly (saved by the bell)

Saved from Bell Zack and Kelly's wedding attire

Zack and Kelly were high school favorites, and they were a long-time couple everyone wanted to stick together beyond their high school years. Not until Saved by the Bell: The college years these two finally tied the knot.

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They have their picture-perfect wedding out in Las Vegas and their love literally survived across spin-offs on this series. They are a timeless couple that everyone will remember, especially because of Kelly’s gorgeous wedding dress.

8th Pam (the office)

Office Pam's wedding dress

This sitcom certainly wasn’t known for being the most romantic or the healthiest, but that doesn’t mean Jim and Pam didn’t finish the series as one of the most famous couples on TV. Pam’s wedding dress was simple, but it was still beautiful.

It wasn’t as elaborate or unique as some on the list, but that was perfect for Pam and her personality, and she looked as bright and dazzling as always. For a traditional person, this wedding dress is absolutely stunning.

7th Haley (modern family)

Modern Haley family wedding dress

Haley and Dylan were a couple who certainly had an uninterrupted relationship, but they’re also one who defies the odds and ends up getting married. Haley is pregnant at her wedding, which adds to her glamor as a gorgeous bride.

This wedding dress is simple and elegant, and although she is about to give birth to her baby, she looks absolutely beautiful and has had all eyes on her the entire time. Her wedding dress was a perfect choice, and Modern Family was only improved upon by Haley Marshall.

6th Phoebe (friends)

Friends Phoebe and Mike's wedding attire

Mike and Phoebe certainly weren’t the “main couple” on the show, but that doesn’t mean fans didn’t pass out over their adorable wedding outside of Central Perk. Phoebe didn’t care if she was cold because she looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress.

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The fans were so happy to see that this free spirit finally got the love and wedding it deserved. Her wedding dress (and her entire wedding) is definitely considered to be one of the most beautiful and magical in sitcom history.

5 Cece (new girl)

New Girl Cece and Schmidt's wedding in the apartment

Fans could see a beautiful and traditional Indian wedding on New Girl when Cece and Schmidt finally got married. These two had a fun and wild love story, but there was nothing more romantic than tying the knot in the attic.

Cee’s dress and veil have been beautifully designed, with a traditional flair that draws on Cee’s culture and stunning elegance. She is already one of the most adorable and beautiful sitcom characters, and there is no doubt that her wedding dress deserves a huge reputation.

4th Bernadette (The Big Bang Theory)

The Big Bang Theory Bernadette in her wedding dress

Howard and Bernadette were the “solid” couple in the Big Bang Theory, and their love story was real, fun, and absolutely pure. Strong and beautiful Bernadette was absolutely radiant at her wedding.

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That rooftop ceremony was small, unique, and memorable – and with Bernadette’s gorgeous wedding dress, it was still larger than life. It was the elegant and bold dress that everyone knew they needed and couldn’t have looked more stunning. Everyone would like to try to recreate themselves for their own walk along.

3 Monica (friends)

Friends Chandler and Monica at their wedding

Of course, friends have to make this list twice, and that’s because it hosts two weddings that fans will never forget. Monica and Chandler are as healthy and perfect as they come, and their love is actually a fan favorite – possibly even over the famous Ross and Rachel.

Their wedding wasn’t without drama, but that doesn’t mean the entire gang didn’t look absolutely beautiful. Especially, of course, Monica herself. Her elegant and simple dress was everything she needed to be the most beautiful bride a television lover had ever seen.

2 Robin (how i met your mother)

How I met your mother Robin's wedding dress

While there was much debate over the How I Met Your Mother finale, Barney and Robin’s wedding was absolutely perfect. Robin is an absolutely beautiful and intelligent girl, and her elegant dress was absolutely stunning.

It took these two a long time to get together, and this wedding dress couldn’t have been better for her and this fan-favorite couple. Barney and Robin had a lot of chemistry and they were a perfect couple. This wedding dress with its sheer top and mermaid skirt is literally what dreams are made of.

1 Topanga (boy meets world)

Boy meets world Cory and Topanga's wedding

Boy Meets World is a classic sitcom that still lives on as one of the most memorable sitcom couples out there. These two were young lovers, but everyone who loved the show knew that they were meant to keep their love and be together forever.

Cory and Topanga had an uninterrupted relationship throughout high school, but that doesn’t mean fans weren’t always dependent on them. In addition to her adorable and gorgeous wedding, Topanga also deserves to be known as the best sitcom wedding dress ever. The lace off shoulder sleeves, the rich and detailed dress, and the gorgeous veil make this look a winner.

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