After a disastrous year for the bride and groom, and of course everyone in the wedding industry, restrictions are easing across Massachusetts, giving some hope that 2021 will be a better year.

In April 2020, over 63% of couples had decided to postpone their wedding, some by a few months, others by 2022.

Due to the multitude of postponements and cancellations from 2020 onwards, experts will see an increase of 650,000 weddings in 2021, bringing the total number of weddings in 2021 to about 2.77 million compared to a normal year of about 2.12 million. However, the expenses are reduced in both the budget and the number of guests. The average spending for 2021 will be $ 21.6 thousand.

The Berkshires wedding industry is a valuable member of our economic landscape as it hosts thousands of weddings every year, not just for locals but visitors as well. Berkshire County has always been a wedding destination boasting historic sights and breathtaking outdoor venues.

What’s the best place to get married in The Berkshires? Here are a few choices that saw as great places to hitchhike.

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