For many beginners – and even some experienced photographers – posing your subjects can be one of the most difficult aspects of photographing people. This video from a seasoned wedding photographer features 10 poses that you can try without breaking a sweat creatively.

John Branch IV is a wedding photographer and educator based on the east coast of the United States. In his latest video, he does a great job explaining things for those of us who want to get into wedding photography but don’t necessarily know how to actually pose people. But even if you’re already a wedding photographer or a couple photographer, you may find some useful tips here.

As someone who is a bit more introverted than most, tips like this are a fantastic help in getting better acquainted with people photographing. Having a list that I can easily shut down to take important shots could be especially useful if it was one of my first wedding shoots, for example. These events can be pretty chaotic and as a professional I need to be confident that I will get all kinds of shots my couple is looking for. When I get nervous or nervous, being able to refer to a list can be lifesaving.


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