# 360videobooth #marketing #photobooth For MBC we installed the amazing iboothme 360 ​​video booth in Dubai. The automated arm is controlled by the software that commands the arm to rotate and the camera to record on site. Be creative and install the iboothme 360 ​​video booth in your event to impress your guests. No complicated installations. No expensive add-ons. No long lead times. Of course, this 360-degree video booth fits your budget, your schedules and your space in every way. Your guests just have to stand on a platform and tap the screen to activate the live view. Then a countdown will appear giving your guests enough time to take the perfect pose. At the same time, a magical rotating arm appears, which wraps around your guest twice and records fantastic film material in the process. The footage is instant and fascinating. Thanks for watching the video [👍🏽Sexy 360 video booth set up – Bullet time effect | iboothme.com] .


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